There was one issue raised concerning the election:

  • After sending in a email ballot, to which they did not receive an acknowledgement, they filed a web based ballot that was successfully recorded and recorded properly. One researching the list of ballot numbers and votes, indeed they discovered that only one vote was recorded. This issue has been referred to the ICANN technical specialists.

There were no issues reported regarding an inaccuracy in the vote registered with the GNSO Secretariat. While the ICANN Board did receive an appeal from the NPOC requesting cancellation the results of the election, and a response from the NCSG leadership, theBoard declined to take direct action and referred the issue to the ICANN Ombudsman. The Ombudsman has not take any action to abrogate the results of the election.

Results of GNSO Council Election 


  • 111 Wendy Seltzer
  • 95 Wolfgang Kleinwachter
  • 91 Joy Liddicoat
  • 88 Rafik Damak
  • 31 Nuno Garcia
  • 31 Debra Hughes
  • 27 Alain Berranger
  • 10 Hago Elteraifi Mohamed Dafalla
  • 4 None of the Above

Wendy Seltzer, Wolfgang Kleinwachter, and Joy Liddicoat are elected to 2 year terms

Rafik Damak is elected to a 1 year term.

Their terms began with the "Convening of the New Council" in the GNSO Council Public meeting on Wednesday 26 October 2011 at approximately 18:00 UTC

 Results of NCSG Chair Election


  • 119 Robin Gross
  • 7 None of the above

Robin Gross is elected to a one year term as NCSG Chair. Her term began Tuesday 25 October at 12:00 UTC.

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