This page collects links to activities going on within the ISPCP and in organizations in which the ISPCP participates.

ISPCP Fliers and other information can be found on the ISPCP website,

ISPCP Information Flier - May 2016

Click here to download.  

ISPCP Newsletter- October 2015

The ISPCP Newsletter from October 2015 is available here to download.


The work of the ISPCP on whois policy is collected on this page.


The ISPCP is working with other constituencies on both policy and technical issues related to the Internationalization of Domain Names. The ISPCP keeps a separate page that documents its IDN Activities.

gNSO Review

In 2006, the ISPCP actively participated in the review of the gNSO. A page is available with links to ISPCP comments on the review and other information.

Renewals of gTLDs

The ISPCP is currently involved in policy work regarding the renewals of existing gTLDs. Here is a page collecting links and statements regarding this policy development process.

New gTLDs

The ISPCP community has taken positions on the adoption of new TLDs and their insertion in the root zone. This page collects some position papers and other links on this important topic.


The results of recent ISPCP elections can be seen here.

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