The IANA Naming Function Review is an accountability mechanism created as part of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) stewardship transition to ensure that ICANN’s IANA work through Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) meets the needs and expectations of its naming customers. Under the ICANN Bylaws, the ICANN Board must convene an IFR no less frequently than every five years, measured from the date the previous IFR was convened. The board convened the first IFR on 16 September 2018.

The second IFR team (IFR2) will conduct the review in accordance with the scope specified in the ICANN Bylaws. The review focuses on PTI's performance of the IANA naming function against the contractual requirements in the IANA Naming Function Contract and the IANA Naming Function Statement of Work. The naming functions under review include management of the DNS root zone, a critical function for the ongoing operation of the Internet.

The IFR does not replace the work of the Customer Standing Committee (CSC), which reviews PTI's service level performance of the naming function on a monthly basis. The IFR takes a broader look, which includes identifying if the requirements of the Contract still meet the needs of customers, and whether amendments should be considered. The full scope of the review is available in Section 18.3 of the ICANN Bylaws.


IFR2 meetings and working procedures are open to the public and conducted in a transparent manner to the fullest extent possible. Meeting records and review team working documents are posted to this wiki space. 

To receive invitations to join the meetings as an observer, please contact the IFR2 support staff, listed here

To share your input with the IFR2, you can send a mail to the public email list All emails sent to are archived and may be viewed here.

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