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Mailing list: ccnso-dasc@icann.org

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Webpage: https://ccnso.icann.org/en/workinggroups/dasc.htm 


Simon Balthazar    .tz
Brett Carr    .uk
Chris Disspain    .uk
Adam Eisner    .ca
Fernando España    .us
Miguel Andrés  Franco    .co
Jordi Iparraguirre    .eu
Diego Ernesto Luna    .co
Marie-Noémie Marques    
Angela  Matlapeng    .bw
David McAuley    .cc
Bruce  Tonkin    .au
Mary Uduma    .ng
Nick  Wenban-Smith    .uk
Xuebiao Yuchi    .cn
Ann-Cathrin Marcussen, .no
Olga Cavalli



Vadim Mikhaylov, .ru (email observer)
Filippa Murath, .se (email observer)

Observers and Experts:

 *SOIs have been linked if an individual has one on file or if their individual SOAC requires one.

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