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Public Comment on Rec 4

Public Comment on the IFRT's Recommendation 4 began on 10 February 2021 and will close 22 March 2021.

Recommendation 4 of the IFR Final Report outlines an amendment to the IANA Naming Function Contract. The IFR Review Team (IFRT) is seeking community input.

Read the Public Comment

Read the Announcement of the Public Comment.

Read the IFRT's Final Report.

Final ReportThe Final Report represents the IFRT’s columniation of work.  It lays out the team’s findings and recommendations to the ICANN Board27-Jan-2021
Comment Report for Initial Report

The IFRT published their draft Initial Report for Public Comment, and welcomed input from the community. The IFRT has since reviewed the comments and include their assessment in the draft of their Final Report.

Initial Report

The draft Initial Report represents the IFRT’s columniation of work.  It lays out the team’s findings and recommendations.

The Report went up for Public Comment on 08 October 2020, with a close date of 02 December 2020.


IANA Naming Function Review Contract spreadsheet with useful URLs

The Review Team is utilizing this document to divide work and track notes, findings, etc.  This is working document, and does not represent any final statements by the Review Team.
WorkplanCreated a practical and actionable path for the team18-February-2020
Scope of Work

Followed the ICANN Bylaws, defining such points as:

- The objective behind each scope requirement and how the team would execute it

- What inputs should be sought and considered by the team

- Where the review had dependencies and where the review should ensure there was no overlap with other work

- Expected deliverables

- Methodology for drafting recommendations

Rules of Engagement

Provided the team with operating rules to set expectations on how to proceed with their work, as well as defining roles:

-Principles of Operation

-Roles & Responsibilities

-ICANN org

-Review Team Members

-Review Team Leadership

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