Netzwerk Neue Medien (NNM)

Annette Muehlberg

Network New Media Industries
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Netzwerk Neue Medien (NNM)

Who we are

The Network New Media is committed to civil rights in the digital space.  The aim is to strengthen the public debate on socio-political aspects of new media and to question critically.

Knowledge society, information society, new media, network policy: Words that have in recent years become increasingly important. And not without reason: political and economic conditions of our society are changing rapidly.
As a new media network, we have set ourselves the task to accompany this with the concepts mentioned only vaguely defined political change. We are firmly convinced that the social benefits of new media strongly depends on how they are used - across the entire field of use statement. Keywords such as Open Source / Free Software, Social Software, Creative Commons or have a technical electronic democratization with the means of networking, through information and communication technology to reach positive vision of new media.  Just as there are the technical means of new media, censorship, large-scale video surveillance or an ever extensive, automated eavesdropping would not be possible, and thus bring essential civil rights at risk.
Even when it comes to the details of the application fields of new media, the political and social design space is large: Is e-learning an instrument to privatize the education system, or where new opportunities opens up access to knowledge?  What is the status shall be freely accessible knowledge in a knowledge society?  How big is the impact of codes and technologies on content? Networking in the technical sense as an exchange of initiatives and citizens, or as a universal medium in the hands of commercial monopolies?
Our position we see it, accompany these changes critical: We are concerned about creative freedom to demonstrate and to open up. We see ourselves as a lobby for the use of new media within the meaning of democracy, access, freedom and sustainability. At the same time we are fighting against trends, new media, a public or private-sector monitoring tool to use, and on the other hand, the knowledge society as a purely market interests by making her controlled and shaped society.


We see ourselves as a network organization. In a network of individuals and groups from government, academia and business, we exchange information and discuss, we - both the network and at regularly scheduled traditional meetings. From this collaboration, are ideas, campaigns and projects, meetings and workshops under the label, Network New Media '.


It is clear we work in the past and present key points of the network's new media. We are not single-issue organization, but work on changing fields, networking with many other organizations and initiatives, locally and internationally, the critical involvement of change towards the knowledge society is always in view.


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