Please find below the details for the Joint ccNSO and Standing Committee on ICANNs Budget & Operations Planning call on Tuesday, 23 July 2019 at 12:00 UTC for 1 hour. 

05:00 PDT, 08:00 EDT, 14:00 Paris CEST, 17:00 Karachi PKT, 21:00 Tokyo JST, 22:00 Melbourne AEST

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Joint SOPC & SCBO Meeting on ICANN’s Five Year Strategic Plan:

  1. Discuss the 5YSP adopted by the Board (trigger event)
  2. Introductions of SOPC, SCBO members
  3. General Working methods (ex. leading up to 5YSG comment submissions)
    1. SOPC – []
    2. SCBO –
    3. Setup of liaison(s) – mailing list, joining call(s)?
  4. Discuss positions on open consultation:
    1. Financial Projections
    2. Operating Initiatives
  5. Any other business
    1. Future engagement




Attendance - Zoom

Attendance - CRM

Apologies: Michele Neylon, Ayden Férdeline, Marika Konings (staff)


Notes/ Action Items


SOPC & SCBO meeting | 23 July 2019 | 12 UTC

  • Apologies by Giovanni Seppia, SOPC chair. Apologies also from Ayden F.

Today’s meeting is chaired and facilitated by Keith Drazek


  1. Discuss 5-year strategic plan adopted by the Board

Trigger event. Timeline for rejection action has begun.

FYSP. Berry Cobb. Technically in Kobe both councils met. Action item for the 2 groups to collaborate. Board adopted the latest version of the 5YSP in the meanwhile. Now that it has been adopted. GNSO Council submitted its comments. Council comments were in support. Specific comments around the strategic goals, especially around evolving ICANN’s multistakeholder model.

Current comment period rather focuses on the financial and operation side.

  1. Introduction SOPC & SCBO members

See introduction of the meeting.

  1. General working methods

Can we formalize our engagement?

  1. SOPC

Charter SOPC. No end-date. Continued nature of the work. SOPC can submit comments under its own name. Does not need to act under the ccNSO Council.

SOPC can submit a decision in case of rejection action petitions.

No term limit. Review of members every 2 years to ensure continuity and refresh the membership.

Close cooperation with Finance Dpt.

Most activities are organized online. Small groups look at different parts of the doc. Leadership consolidates all comments, and chair submits the consolidated document (v5 was submitted last Friday). SOPC membership discussions at ICANN65 in Marrakech. Also sought comments from the broader community during the members meeting.

SOPC charter allows for a liaison from other groups, e.g. SCBO. Will be subscribed to mailing list and will be invited at meetings. Group meets during ICANN meetings, the rest is done online.

You cannot submit a RAP, unless you submitted comments (specified as such in the bylaws). This is why the SOPC has been chartered to submit RAP.

Whatever the SOPC does, individual ccTLDs can and will always submit their own comments.  The SOPC only represents itself.

  1. SCBO

The SCBO is not independent from the GNSO Council: the GNSO Council approves whatever is developed by the SCBO and submitted.

Formation SCBO was a result of accountability work in prep of IANA stewardship transition. FY17 budget: GNSO Council-related comments. The SCBO was intended to make the process less ad hoc and more proactive.

Role evolved. Group now also deals with the strategic plan. Charter might need to be reviewed to reflect this evolved role.

Management body of the policy development process: GNSO Council is having this role.

Comments balance the diverse views between Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies that typically are involved in the budget cycle.

SCBO has advisory nature. Staff prepares a first draft. Given tight deadline: discussions via mailing list. Approval comments that are submitted: absence of any objections.

Xavier: constituent parts of the GNSO have previously submitted comments themselves. The SCBO is a complementary body. Focused on issues of communalities, and on the role of the GNSO in managing the policy development process.

  1. Set-up of liaisons, mailing list, joint meetings

Action item: establish liaisons

Berry mentioned 4 options to consider:  Create liaisons between the two groups, add to email lists?  Perhaps conduct joint calls (challenged by quick schedule)  Perhaps explore option of joint session at ICANN66.

ICANN66 is very good timing. 1) the next stage of 5YSP, 2) FY21 budget for IANA, FY21 ICANN Org budget shortly kicks off.

  1. Discuss positions on open consultation

  1. Financial projections

2 docs available for open consultation. SCBO met last week. Financial assumptions doc was a very well-constructed doc. Framework and process seem sound. Recognize that funding seems stable over 5Y projection.

Replenishing the reserve fund: GNSO Council supports that initiative.

More substantive comments are still in draft form. GNSO Council supports most of the operational initiatives. Work ahead in the next 1,5 week for the SCBO.

  1. Operating initiatives

SOPC has already submitted their comments on the operational initiatives.

  1. AOB


  1. Future engagement


  • Establish liaisons
  • Subscribe to mailing lists
  • Joint meeting in Montreal

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