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07 May 2019


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24 April 2019

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The final version to be submitted, if the draft is ratified, will be placed here by upon completion of the vote. 


The final draft version to be voted upon by the ALAC will be placed here before the vote is to begin.

Executive summary

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The ALAC supports the proposed changes to the .asia (DotAsia) renewal agreement, with the following comments:

Universal Acceptance (UA): While Clause 1.2 of the proposed .asia (DotAsia) agreement encourages the adoption of Universal Acceptance (UA), it recognizes that registries may experience technical difficulties in its implementation. DotAsia already promotes UA within Asia and is a lead participant in the UASG, supported by the DotAsia Board. Therefore, the ALAC proposes that Clause 1.2 of the agreement be amended to read: ICANN encourages Universal Acceptance for all top level domain strings in contract with DotAsia.

Public Interest Commitments: The ALAC strongly supports clause 2.17 on Public Interest Commitments for DotAsia.

Fees to be paid to ICANN org: In respect of Section 6.1 of the proposed renewal agreement, the ALAC counsels for both the registry fixed fee (presently proposed at $6,250 per calendar quarter) and the registry-level transaction fee (presently proposed at $0.25 for each annual increment of an initial or renewal domain name registration) to be adjusted for inflation on an annual basis. This adjustment ought to also be adopted in the base Registry Agreement. 


The first draft submitted will be placed here before the call for comments begins. The Draft should be preceded by the name of the person submitting the draft and the date/time. If, during the discussion, the draft is revised, the older version(S) should be left in place and the new version along with a header line identifying the drafter and date/time should be placed above the older version(s), separated by a Horizontal Rule (available + Insert More Content control).

At-Large recommends the addition of Universal Acceptance (UA) into the DotAsia Registry Agreement.  Commitments to IPv6 and DNSSEC are already incorporated into their current Registry Agreement.

As a Registry Operator which offers Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) registrations across the Asian region, DotAsia already promotes UA within Asia and is a lead participant in the UASG. This initiative is fully supported by the DotAsia Board.  At-Large is also encouraged that following ICANN64 and the interest that was raised during the Kobe meeting, the ICANN Board Chair endorsed community support for this renewed UASG effort. 

During the Kobe meeting, the At-Large community discussed Universal Acceptance and formed two areas of consensus. Firstly, that the interests of Internet end users, particularly those using non-Latin scripts, are being undermined by a lack of Universal Acceptance around the world. Secondly, there was enthusiasm to experiment with At-Large community mobilization on the issue of Universal Acceptance.

It has been recommended that the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group should look into including UA into the requirements for the next round, just as IPV6 and DNSSEC were included during the 2012 round.

While it is noted that the removal of price caps from other registry agreements that are also being considered in this round of public submissions, are currently under discussion, At-Large notes a report from DotAsia that it does not intend to make any changes to its current pricing agreements and will continue to maintain its normal annual renewal price to registrars per domain year.

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