1. SSAC meetings.  September 13, SSAC workshop in LA 25 - 27 of September

2. SSAC ongoing activities:

* Draft final report from independent examiner review

* Planning SSAC meetings at next ICANN meeting in Barcelona;

* Post SSAC 101 reviews, going through notes;

* Post SSAC 102 reviews, discussions of post KSK activities

* Workshop: sorting priorities, defining new critical SSR issues

3. The following SSAC work parties activities took place:

* SSAC Review Work Party;

4. SSAC DOCUMENTS. There have been three SSAC Documents published in this period, all of which have been Correspondence:

[SSAC2018-24] Response to the Request for Participation in the ICANN Fellowship Program (14 September 2018)

[SSAC2018-23] Notice of Appointment of SSAC Representative to the IANA Naming Function Review (12 September 2018)

[SSAC2018-22] Notice of Appointment of SSAC Liaison to the Nominating Committee of ICANN (12 September 2018)

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