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All meeting records including Recordings, Minutes or Notes and Action Items, along with Chat transcript from main meeting rooms and Attendance Records (other than any held 'in camera' and these will be reported on in the manner of the ALAC) are public and will be published. Please note that photos, video and images may be taken during ARIWG meetings and activities and these may be Published or used in Social Media;  if you do not wish to be identified in these records, transcripts or have images taken, then you must inform At-Large Staff and the Chair.  ALAC and At-Large may also use meeting records, transcripts etc., in various forms of metrics and reporting associated with ALAC / At-Large or ARIWG work.

Next Meeting: 20 29 May 2019

Previous Meeting: 08 20 May 2019

Key Workspaces of the ARIWG


1. MEMBERS of the At-Large Review Working Party (ARIWG) are appointed to provide stable Regional balance and equitable representation from the ALAC and At-Large.




ALACMaureen HilyardChair
APCheryl Langdon-OrrExOfficio
NAAlan GreenbergExOfficio
ALAC-AFSeun OjedejiMember
AFRALOTijani Ben JemaaMember
AFRALODaniel NanghakaMember
ALAC-APHolly RaicheMember
APRALOSatish BabuMember
ALAC-EUBastiaan GoslingsMember
EURALOOlivier Crepin-LeblondMember
EURALOJoanna KuleszaMember
EURALOSebastien BacholletMember
EURALOYrjö LänsipuroMember
LACRALOAlberto SotoMember
LACRALORicardo HolmquistMember
LACRALODev Anand TeelucksinghMember
LACRALOSergio Salinas PortoMember
LACRALOHumberto CarrascoMember
ALAC-NAJohn LapriseMember
NARALOEduardo DiazMember
NARALOJonathan ZuckMember
NARALOJavier Rúa-JovetMember
NARALOGlenn McKnightMember
2. PARTICIPANTS:- people from At-Large freely engaged in the ARIWGs activities and mailing list(s), but who will not be called upon in any Consensus Calls or Votes of the WG.
AFRALOAbdeldjalil Bachar BongParticipant
AFRALOPeterking QuayeParticipant
AFRALOLiz OremboParticipant
AFRALOBram FudzulaniParticipant
AFRALOKrishna SeeburnParticipant
AFRALOJoan KatambiParticipant
APRALOLianna GalstyanParticipant
APRALOJustine ChewParticipant

Amrita Choudhury

APRALONadira Al-ArajParticipant
APRALOAli AlMeshalParticipant
APRALOCherie LagakaliParticipant
APRALOJahangir HossainParticipant
APRALOPriyatosh JanaParticipant
LACRALOVanda ScarteziniParticipant
LACRALOVrikson AcostaParticipant
NARALOAlfredo CalderonParticipant
NARALODavid MorarParticipant
3. OBSERVERS:- people from ICANN Community who are subscribed as READ ONLY to mailing list(s), who are welcome to attend any meetings held but who are not involved any Consensus Calls or Votes of the WG.

Gopal Tadepalli