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This is a  technical group to study how to employ the Root Zone Label Generation Rules (RZ-LGR) for the Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) and IDN generic top-level domains (gTLDs).  


16 September 2019Reviewed edits in the final reportRZ-LGR-SG 20190916.m4a
26 August 2019Reviewed edits in the final reportRZ-LGR-SG 20190826.m4a
19 August 2019Reviewed edits in the final reportRZ-LGR-SG 20190819.m4a
12 August 2019Reviewed edits in the final reportRZ-LGR-SG 20190812.m4a
29 July 2019Reviewed PC feedback and responseRZ-LGR-SG 20190729.m4a
22 July 2019Reviewed PC feedback and responseRZ-LGR-SG 20190722.m4a
13 May 2019
RZ-LGR-SG 20190513.mp3
15 April 2019
RZ-LGR-SG 20190415.mp3
8 April 2019
RZ-LGR-SG 20190408.mp3
25 February 2019
RZ-LGR-SG 20190225.mp3
18 February 2019
RZ-LGR-SG 20190218.mp3
11 February 2019
RZ-LGR-SG 20190211.mp3
1 February 2019
RZ-LGR-SG 20190201.mp3
21 January 2019
RZ-LGR-SG 20190121.mp3
14 January 2019RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20190114.pdfRZ-LGR-SG 20190114.mp3
17 December 2018
RZ-LGR-SG 20181217.mp3
3 December 2018
RZ-LGR-SG 20181203.mp3
26 November 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20181126.pdfRZ-LGR-SG 20181126.mp3
19 November 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20181119.pdfRZ-LGR-SG 20181119.mp3
5 November 2018
RZ-LGR-SG 20181105.mp3
29 October 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20181029.pdfRZ-LGR-SG 20181029.mp3
8 October 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20181008.pdfRZ-LGR-SG 20181008.mp3
24 September 2018
RZ-LGR-SG 20180924.mp3
17 September 2018Reviewed public comments received and developed the response by RZ-LGR-SGRecording not done due to technical issues
10 September 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180910.pdfRZ-LGR-SG 20180910.mp3
27 August 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180827.pdfRZ-LGR-SG 20180827.mp3
20 August 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180820.pdfRZ-LGR-SG-20180820.mp3
23 July 2018
9 July 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180709.pdfRZ-LGR-SG-20180709.mp3
2 July 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180702.pdfRZ-LGR-SG-20180702.mp3
11 June 2018
4 June 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180604.pdfRZ-LGR-SG-20180604.mp3
21 May 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180521.pdfRZ-LGR-SG-20180521.m4a
14 May 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180514.pdfRZ-LGR-SG-20180514.m4a
23 April 2018
16 April 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180416.pdfRZ-LGR-SG-20180416.mp3
5 April 2018RZ-LGR-SG Meeting 20180405.docxRZ-LGR-SG-20180405.mp3

Public Comment

Scope of an ongoing study on technical use of RZ-LGR

The scope of an ongoing study on technical use of RZ-LGR has been published for public comment on 2 August 2018. The last day of public comment is 11 September 2018.

The study group is being formed.  The following members have volunteered so far following the Call for Experts to Study the Application of Root Zone Label Generation Rules.

NameOrganizationSponsoring Organization
1Edmon Chung.asiaGNSO
2Gaurav Vedi

Dominion Registries

3Dusan StojicevicGransy and Cyrillic Generation PanelGNSO
4Dennis Tan TanakaVerisign and Latin Generation PanelGNSO
5Mirjana and .срб  and Latin Generation PanelccNSO
6Wei WangKNET and Chinese Generation PanelGNSO
7Ajay DataXGENPLUS and Neo-Brahmi Generation PanelGNSO
8Alireza SalehIRNIC and Arabic Generation PanelIAB
9Dessalegn Yehuala Addis Ababa Univ. and Ethiopic Generation Panel
10Harsha WijayawardhanaTheekshana and Sinhala Generation Panel