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titleWelcome to the NCAP workspace

This NCAP wiki is a collaborative workspace for the Name Collision Analysis Project Work Party "WP." Please contact regarding this workspace.

The proposed SSAC study is intended to facilitate the development of policy on Collision Strings to mitigate potential harm to the stability and security of the DNS posed by delegation of such strings. ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee SSAC is producing a project plan for Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP). It details their approach for studying name collision in response to the ICANN Board’s request in Resolutions 2017.11.02.29 - 2017.11.02.31. The SSAC has received the community input on the draft project plan and published the Public Comment Summary and Analysis Report

Sign Up to the Discussion Email Group Group 

For the Community to participate, the WP has established the NCAP Discussion email group. In order to join this discussion group you must complete the following steps:

  1. Please complete the Sign Up Form & Acknowledgment of Terms. Please note you can participate as: 
    1. Individual Participants Participants are expected to actively contribute to mailing list conversations as well as meetings. Each potential participate will be required to provide a Statement of Interest (SOI) before being designated as an individual participant and have posting rights to the mailing list. It is anticipated that participants will provide essential input to the process.
    2. Mailing list observers for those who are only interested in monitoring the exchanges of the NCAP. Observers are offered read-only access to the mailing list. At any point in time, a mailing list observer can join the NCAP discussion group as a participant simply by informing ICANN staff and submitting a SOI.
  2. After completing the  Sign Up Form & Acknowledgment of Terms, you will receive a follow up Welcome email from the NCAP WP support team.

To join the Discussion Email Group click here → Sign Up Form & Acknowledgment of Terms

Please note that we cannot add you to the Name Collision Analysis Project Discussion Email group until we have received an Sign Up/Acknowledgment of Terms.

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