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Apologies: Rebecca Tushnet, Susan Payne, Michael Graham 

Chair: Kristine Dorrain



Notes/ Action Items

Action Items:

  1. Have Berry go through these data questions and see which we already have data for.
  2. Take the timing of the meetings to the list -- offer the data from the Doodle on how many can attend at what times.




Notes/ Action Items:


 1. SOIs: None.


2. Discussion of the Word Doc (with split of data and anecdotal questions)



-- Review the questions -- any additions or subtractions, but don't get too much into editing the questions; leave that for the survey provider.


-- Staff did a good job splitting the anecdotal and data questions.  We added some data questions and they are included.  Bifurcated in a nice way.


Registry Operator Questions -- First question

-- Top of page 3 -- If you did not participate in sunrise -- could move it to Registrars, and change to "Did you run a sunrise if not, why?"


-- Should we prioritize the questions?  Table goes from the general to the specific.


-- The bifurcation is superbly done, but also shows us where there is overlap.  Rather than us distilling these, we can give that direction to the survey provider.


Registry Operator Questions -- Second question -- reserved names


-- Anything to add in this row?  Biggest concern is whether we really think they will answer any of these questions?  I guess we can ask even if we don't get answers.  Do we really think they will answer the question, "Did you reserve domain names that you knew were trademarks?"

-- Likely that they can't answer the questions because they don't have the data, or cannot legally answer the question.  Seems like answer the question affirmatively would likely be an admission against interest.

-- Could come up with other ways to word it.  We also can strike the question.  But it would be good if we could find another way to word it.  This is a registry operator question, but others may get a similar question.

-- Just ask "Did you employ any mechanism in selecting reserved names to exempt terms that were trademarked?"  Might be problematic legally also.

-- Challenge overall is to get the questions in layman's terms.  These should be very simple questions.

-- How about, "In creating your Reserved Names lists, how did you deal with trademarked terms?"-- move into the anecdotal column; can always move it back.

-- This question will be much more meaningful from the trademark owners.  Also, "Did you check to see if your reserved names list included trademarked names?"

-- Registrars have to check the reserved names list as well as TMCH.


Registry Operators -- Third question


-- Wanting they to talk about why they did what they did. Is the 30-day preventative for cybersquatting?  Etc.

-- Additional questions:

"If you did run a sunrise period longer than 30 days, how many days?"

"When did you get the bulk of your registrations?" "Did you have a lot of queries?" 

"How many sunrises did you process and how many immediately after sunrise?"

"How many Sunrise registrations did you process?"

-- Some of the above data may already exist, such as start date and end data Sunrise, as well as numbers.  ACTION: Have Berry go through these data questions and see which we already have.

"Whether the 60-day sunrise resulted in more registrations than the 30-day sunrise?" "Do you think there would have been more registrations in a 60-day sunrise?"

-- Some of these will need threshold questions to be answered first.

-- Need to give direction to the survey provider -- what about the suggestion that the survey provider could do phone surveys?


Registry Operators -- Fourth Question  -- priority or special rules


-- Should there be special rules to give certain groups precedence?

-- Restricted-use TLD -- should we add a data question?  Should we add Restricted TLDs (initial cap) as a third type?

Data question: "Is your TLD a Restricted TLD?" or "If you have a restricted-use TLD then..."


Registry Operators -- Fifth Question


-- Link to the definition of terms or include a glossary; terms such as Approved Launch Program (ALP), QLP, LRP, etc

-- We have data on who did ALP and LRP.


Registry Operators -- Sixth Question -- IDN Questions

-- All lumped in the data questions.

-- Are we missing an opportunity to ask anecdotal questions?


3. Timing of future meetings -- continue the schedule or rotate the time?  Take the question to the list.