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  •  Ariel Liang and Evin Erdogdu to conduct (2) interviews on the APRALO history "Looking Back" (3 minutes) and evolution "Looking Forward" (30 second collage) group interview with 10 people. The "Looking Back" interview will be finished the same day and will be played at the APRALO General Assembly. Interviews will include the date and titles.
  •  Evin Erdogdu to schedule additional Skype interviews after ICANN60.
  •  Ariel Liang and Evin Erdogdu to work on draft questions and send them to APRALO History Project Mailing List.
  •  Ariel Liang and Evin Erdogdu to promote the Ebook via the At-Large APRALO Website, social media channels. Ariel Liang to share the promotion channels with the AC.
  •  Ariel Liang and Evin Erdogdu to follow up with Comms Team whether individual clips of individual messages of video #2 can be shared during ICANN60. 
  •  Friday, 20 October is the deadline for the Ebook and deliverables before ICANN60.