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Action Items: EN 

Recording: EN

Transcript: EN

AC Chat Transcript: EN


Dial-out Participants

EN: Cheryl  Kaili Kan, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Satish Babu, Maureen Hilyard, Liannna Galstyan, Nadira AlAraj, Yannis Li

Apologies:  None

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia  Silvia Vivanco,Kelvin Wong, Ariel Liang, Evin Erdoğdu, Mario Aleman, Yeşim Nazlar

Call Management: TBC




 Yeşim Nazlar



1. Roll call - staff

 2. Video Interviews update - Ariel, Satish

 3. Update on the E-book  - Maureen

a. contributions from the leaders

b. information gaps to be completed by the staff

c. some more photos to come from a couple more ALS participants (including the new person from Yemen)

d. More photos.

4 .Depository - Kaili, Satish 

5. Deliverables before ICANN 60 and planning beyond

6. A.O.B.