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Sub-group Members:   Avri Doria, Becky Burr, Cherine Chalaby, David McAuley, Kate Wallace, Kavouss Arasteh, Liz Le, Robin Gross, Samantha Eisner

Staff:  Bernard Turcotte, Brenda Brewer, Patrick Dodson

Apologies:  /

** If your name is missing from attendance or apology, please send note to **


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Raw Caption Notes*

*Note that these are the unofficial transcript. Official transcript will be posted 2-3 days after the call


  • Discovery – successful second reading including Liz Le modifications.
  • Translation/Interpretation – successful second reading based on 25 October email.
  • Next calls:
    • 19:00 UTC 7 December 2017
    • 19:00 UTC 11January 2018

Action Items: 

  • DM – Joinder – will update language per Liz Le suggestion and circulate on list for any objections to accepting as a second reading.
  • Staff – Send invitations for next meetings.


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Chat Transcript

 Brenda Brewer: (11/14/2017 12:22) Good day all and welcome to IRP-IOT Meeting #32 on 14 November 2017 @ 19:00 UTC!

  Brenda Brewer: (12:29) When not speaking, please mute your phone by pressing *6 (star 6). To unmute, *6. This call is recorded.

  Brenda Brewer: (12:29) Reminder to all, for captioning and transcription, please  state your name before speaking and speak slowly.

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (12:58) hELLO ALL

  jamie: (12:58) Hi'

  jamie: (12:58) we had this down for starting in 1 hour?

  jamie: (12:58) i thought 19:00 was 3 PM?

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (12:58) I think you forgot the time change

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (12:59) its always 1900 UTC

  Cherine Chalaby: (12:59) Hi David

  jamie: (12:59) oh wow- yes, I didn't realize that the time change would affect

  jamie: (12:59) let me get a captioner

  David McAuley: (12:59) Hi I am 4154

  David McAuley: (12:59) Hi Cherine

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:00) Our standard is we need 5 at 5 after

  David McAuley: (13:00) we will start at 3 minutes past the hour

  David McAuley: (13:01) agreed bernie - I fear the time change may not be helpful

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:01) agree

  jamie: (13:01) ok captioner on way- sorry didn't realize there was a time change that affected this

  Brenda Brewer: (13:01) from daylights saving to standard time.

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:02) Reminder all - please mute if not speaking (getting a lot of keyboard noise)

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:03) Well we have our 5 David so over to you

  Kavouss.Arasteh: (13:07) why it should be subject to second public comments?

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:08) Note - Our captioners are running a little late but are working on setting up and will begin captioning soon. the missing portion will be generated after the call from the recording

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:09) Captioning is now operational

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:09) David McAuley speaking

  Cherine Chalaby: (13:11) Thank you david for the update

  Becky Burr: (13:14) Hello all, apologies for joining late

  avri doria: (13:15) apologies or joining late from Singpaore. not sure i can talk.

  avri doria: (13:17) apologies, just learning to use the AC on an iPad.

  Brenda Brewer: (13:21) Please remember to state your name before speaking for the captioner.  Thank you!

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:21) We would like to remind everyone to state their name before they speak so the captioner can note it

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:26) hand

  Kavouss.Arasteh: (13:27) pls read the changes, something is missing

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:29) @Kavouss which changes ? In the previous point on Discovery?

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:30) Time Check - 30 minutes left in call

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:37) Avri hand

  Cherine Chalaby: (13:41) Thank you David

  Bernard Turcotte - ICANN: (13:42) bye all

  avri doria: (13:42) bye

  David McAuley: (13:42) bye all