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51. The value section of the "Reseller" field SHOULD be shown, but MAY be left blank or the whole field MAY not be shown at all. If shown, the value of the field MUST be the name of organization, or a natural person name.

2013 RAA WHOIS Accuracy Program Specification (WAPS)


  1. Registrar is not required to validate or verify RNH (and, if different, Account Holder) contact information when a domain name is renewed solely because the registration renewed.
    • If contact information is materially changed or if another circumstance requiring validation or verification applies, the registrar must perform the required action(s).
  2. In cases where a domain name is transferred to a gaining registrar, and in the course of the transfer, the gaining registrar obtains consent to the transfer via the FOA from the Registered Name Holder or Account Holder via means that would fulfill the verification requirements of section 1(f)(i) of the Specification, the gaining registrar does not need to repeat the verification process on the contact data if there are no material changes to that contact data.
  3. WHOIS-related complaints that are processed by ICANN as a "data format" issues (as opposed to "data accuracy" issues) do not invoke an obligation for the registrar to validate or verify WHOIS information. In such cases, the registrar is required to correct the data formatting issue but is not required to contact the RNH to verify the formatting correction.
  4. Registrars can engage third parties (e.g. Resellers) to perform data validation and verification as required, but registrars are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with the Specification's requirements.


Additional WHOIS Information Policy (AWIP)

[Effective 31 January 2016]