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We have several important candidate reviews coming up soon but the replacement of Emily Taylor on the SSR2 is the most urgent.  Emily decided she could no longer participate on the SSR2 and it is our responsibility to recommend a replacement candidate to the council.  

SSR-2 candidates were selected before the SSC was formed, several councilors volunteered to help with the selection process including James, the chair and Donna a vice chair. 

We evaluated all the candidates and selected 7.  The GNSO was only able to get seats for the first three candidates but we always select more just in case another SO/AC will allow us to put more on the team.

The following were the remaining 4 candidates in alphabetical order, not ranked order.   



Howard Eland

No longer interested

Scott McCormick


Rao Naveed bin Rais


Norm Ritchie


ICANN staff has reached out to these candidates and all except Howard Eland is still interested in participating on the SSR-2.  

The SSC will need to decide which one of these candidates we will recommend to the council.  

You can find information for the 3 remaining candidates at the following link:[]. Please review each of these candidates for discussion on Monday.

The council would like to make this decision at their next meeting late in August and Monday is the deadline for submitting a motion for the meeting so we will need to work quickly.   

Other work on our list for the near future

2)  The current GAC Liaison has indicated he is not interested in another year term so a call for volunteers has gone out.  The deadline for submitting applications will be Sept. 8th.  We will then need to review the candidates and select one to recommend to the GNSO council.  

3). We have received the list of ATRT-3 candidates with summary sheet and will need to start our review.  I suggest we utilize a poll similar to what we used for the RDS-WHOIS 2 candidates.  We have a bit of time to make the selection but it would be good to get started on this review. 

4) Emily and Marika have drafted a document on the SSC process which includes our current experience with the process and revisions.  The SSC will need to review and make edits to finalize the process and submit to the GNSO.  




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