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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

09:00 • 09:30

ccNSO Members Meeting Introduction | Session chair: Katrina Sataki (.lv)

• Opening & Welcome: Katrina Sataki (.lv)
• Welcome by the local host. TBC
• Overview of the ccNSO council's current priorities: Katrina Sataki (.lv)
• ccNSO members meeting: highlights. Patricio Poblete (.cl)

09:30 • 10:15

ccNSO Working Group Updates | Session chair: Katrina Sataki (.lv)

• TLD-OPS Standing Committee: Jacques Latour (.ca)
• Strategic and Operational Planning WG (SOP WG): Giovanni Seppia (.eu)
CCWG new gTLD Auction Proceeds: Ching Chiao (NomCom)
Guidelines Review Committee (GRC): Katrina Sataki (.lv)

10:15 • 10:30Coffee break
10:30 • 11:45

ccNSO Policy Development Process (PDP) session | Session chair: Nigel Roberts (.gg, .je)

Update on the work by the PDP retirement WG and next steps: Nigel Roberts (.gg, .je)
• Presentation on retirement from ISO 3166 MA perspective, role of MA, terminology and rules: Jaap Akkerhuis (ISO 3166 MA)
• Update and discussion on the next steps, after closure of the CWG-UCTN: Annebeth Lange (.no), Nick Wenban-Smith (.uk)

11:45 • 12:30

Finance Session | Session chair: Roelof Meijer (.nl)

Roelof Meijer (.nl), Byron Holland (.ca)

12:30 • 13:30Lunch break
13:30 • 14:15

Joint meeting: ccNSO & GAC

potential topics for discussion may include:

  • ISO 3166 three letter codes as TLDs
  • next steps: policy development on country & territory names, geo names as TLDs
  • PDP retirement update
  • meeting strategy review
14:15 • 15:00

ICANN Updates | Session chair: TBC

• High-level update of specific and organisational reviews: (ICANN, MSSI)
IDN Programme Update: Sarmad Hussain (ICANN)

15:00 • 15:15Coffee break
15:15 • 16:45

PTI session | Session chair: Abdalla Omari (.ke)

• CSC Update: Byron Holland (.ca)
• CSC Review: Abdalla Omari (.ke), Martin Boyle
• RZERC Update: Peter Koch (.de)
• PTI Update

16:45 • 17:00Break
17:00 • 18:00

Regional Organisations Update | Session chair: Young-eum Lee (.kr)

• AFTLD: presentation title TBC. Barrack Otieno
• APTLD: Serving the Underserved, How Not to Stay Unnerved. Leonid Todorov
• CENTR: general market update and overview of recent trends. overview of the increased cooperation with RARs on defining datasets. discussion on the methodology to identify ‘parked’ vs. ‘used’ domains. Patrick Myles
• LACTLD: presentation title TBC. Eduardo Santoyo

18:00 • 18:30Review ICANN meeting strategy and selection meeting venue criteria | Session chair: Young-eum Lee (.kr)


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

08:30 • 09:30Joint meeting: ccNSO & ICANN Board (TBC)
09:30 • 10:15Q&A and candidate statements: ccNSO council and ICANN Board nominees | Session chair: TBC Debbie Monahan (.nz)
10:15 • 10:30Break
10:30 • 11:30

The ccNSO as decisional participant | Session chair: TBC

• Empowered Community Administration (ECA) Update
• Implementation: Guidelines empowered community, IRP Process

11:30 • 12:00

Update and next steps ICANN Accountability | Session chair: TBC

• WS2 update

12:00• 13:30Lunch break
13:30• 15:00

ccTLD News Session | Session chair: Alireza Saleh (ir.)

• Experience for .jo and .الاردن (.alurdun) with respect to IDNs: Ahlam Mahmoud M. Abu-Jadallah (.jo)
• SaudiNIC updates on the Saudi TLDs (.sa and .السعودية): Raed Alfayez (.sa)
• Helping small entrepreneurs to evaluate and improve their online presence: Emilie Turbat (.fr)
• Authentification and web single-sign-on based on domains: Jörg Schweiger (.de)
• The panacea to growing a strong .ng ccTLD brand: Olusegun Akano (.ng)

15:00 • 15:15Coffee break
15:15 • 15:45

Internet Governance Session | Session chair: Young-eum Lee (.kr)

• Update and outreach by the Internet Governance Forum Support Association: Eduardo Santoyo (IGFSA)
• Update by the CCWG on Internet Governance: (TBC)

15:45 • 16:45

Legal Session | Session chair: Peter Vergote (.be)

• cross-border requests from law enforcement agencies and their impact on ccTLD registries

16:45 • 17:00Break
17:00 • 18:30ccNSO Council Meeting