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  1. Thomas Rickert
  2. Leon Sanchez
  3. Becky Burr
  4. Chris Disspain
  5. David McAuley - Lead
  6. David Post
  7. Greg Shatan
  8. Malcolm Hutty
  9. Robin Gross
  10. Samantha Eisner, ICANN Staff Liaison
  11. Tijani Ben Jemaa
  12. Arun Sukumar
  13. Marianne Georgelin
  14. Avri Doria
  15. Olga Cavalli
  16. Kavouss Arasteh
  17. Konstantinos Komaitis
  18. Jeff LeVee (Jones Day)
  19. Kate Wallace (Jones Day)
  20. Kevin Espinola (Jones Day)
  21. Elizabeth Le, ICANN Staff Liaison
  22. Amy Stathos, ICANN Staff Liaison
  23. Mike Rodenbaugh
  24. Vinay Kesari
  25. Sarah Podmaniczky McGonigle (Jones Day)


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Mission:  The IOT will review the outcome produced by our legal 
counsel and report back to the CCWG-Accountability. 


Process Roadmap re Establishment of IRP Standing Panel


Process Roadmap re Establishment of IRP Standing Panel-v3
IRP-IOT Public Comment-Analysis Signup Sheet


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Certain IRP Comments treatment for first reading


Certain IRP Comments treatment for first reading
IRP Discussion Retroactivity Panel Conflict IRP discussion retroactivity panel conflict
DRAFT for inputs - Call for Expressions of Interest for Standing Panel EOI-Standing-Panel-DRAFT for IOT Consideration
Timing Issues Timing Issue.pdf
Joinder Issues Joinder issue IOT 3.23.17
IRP Presentation at CCWG F2F in Copenhagen IRP Presentation at CCWG F2F in Copenhagen

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth Draft Language

Comments by Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth


IRP.IOT. Fletcher draft language


CCWG F2F Presentation DRAFT IRP IOT 3.10.17 DRAFT
IRP-IOT Public Comment Responses Index Comments filed for IRP Supplemental Procedures
Sidley - Response to Certified Questions of IRP-IOT Sidley - Response to Certified Question of CCWG IRP IoT - January 4, 2017.pdf
IRP-IOT Open Public Comment Announcement

Slide Presentation for CCWG ACCT F2F IRP IOT Presentation ICANN 57.pdf
Slide presentation for IOT Meeting Slide Presentation_11 Aug 16 IRP IOT.pdf
Draft Revised Supplementary Procedures Report Draft IRP Updated Supplementary Procedures Report.pdf

Draft Revised Supplemental Rules






Draft IRP Updated Supplemental Procedures_22 Aug

ICANN Draft IRP Updated Supplemental Procedures 2016 08 04 (ICANN Comments).pdf

Draft IRP Updated Supplemental Procedures redline 7-29

Draft Revised Supplemental Rules-Redline to Existing 7-26-16.pdf

Updates to ICDR Supplementary Procedures CCWG Counsel Draft 2016 07 19 - Redline against 2013 ICDR Supplemental Procedures.pdf
Draft ICANN ICANN IRP Procedural Rules Table Draft ICANN IRP procedural rules table 7_1_16.pdf
Supplementary Procedures for ICANN IRP Supplementary Procedures for ICANN IRP
IRP IOT_CCWG Proposal to Bylaws Mapping IRP IOT CCWG Proposal to bylaws mapping.pdf
IPR Bylaws Procedural Chart IRP IOT Bylaw procedure chart1.pdf
IRP IOT Procedural Questions IRP IOT Procedural QSlide Deck1.pdf
IRP IOT Meeting #2 Slides IRP IOT Meeting 2.pdf


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