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  1. Does this policy only apply to .COM, .NET and .JOBS or all gTLDs?

    1. As required by the Policy, all gTLD registrations are required to be thick.The transition from thin to thick WHOIS is required for .COM, .NET and .JOBS because they are currently providing thin Whois.
  2. Does this policy mean that registrars will no longer be required to run their own WHOIS server for .COM, .NET and .JOBS domain names once the data has been migrated to the registries?
    1. Once registrars migrate to the relevant Registry Operator all required fields of Existing Domain Names that are available in the Registrar database that enable the Registry Operator to comply with WHOIs, the registrar is no longer required to provide port-43 WHOIS service. However, registrars must maintain and continue to support a web-based WHOIS service.
  3. If a registrant subscribed privacy and proxy (PnP) service, does the policy require the registrar to release registrant's PnP and contact information to the registry?
    1. No - registrars provide the privacy/proxy data to the registry, not the underlying customer or licensee information.

  4.  According to the policy section 4.7, registry operators MUST submit monthly reports for Thin to Thick Transition Progress. How should this report be submitted to ICANN?

    1. Please submit the monthly Transition Progress Metrics report reports in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format to with subject heading "Transition Progress Metrics Report."
  5. Who should I contact if I have questions?

    1. Submit questions via with the following subject heading “Inquiry – Thick Whois Transition Policy.”