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The goal of the working group (WG) is to report on and recommend a policy for the retirement of the delegated Top Level Domains associated with the country codes assigned to countries and territories listed in the ISO 3166-1 within the framework of the ccNSO Policy Development Process.  

The WG is open to members who are representatives of ccTLDs, participants from other stakeholder groups, observers and experts.

Mailing list:

Mailing list archive:



Stephen Deerhake, .as (Chair)
Dr Eberhard W Lisse, .na (Vice Chair)
Patricio Poblete. .cl 
Peter Van Roste, CENTR 
Danko Jevtović
, .rs 
Mirjana Tasić, .rs 
Martin Boyle, .uk 
Tom Barrett, EnCirca 
Wafa Dahmani, .tn 
Abibu Ntahigiye, .tz 
Svitlana Tkachenko, .ua 
Barrack Otieno. AFTLD 
Annebeth Lange, .no 
Nick Wenban-Smith. .uk 
Barbara Povše, .si 
Brent Carey, .nz
Allan MacGillivray, .ca 
Peter Koch, .de 
Garth Miller, .cc
Ann-Cathrin Marcussen, .no
Liz Williams, .au
Sean Copeland, .vi
Alyssa Moore, .ca
Teddy Affan Purwadi, .id
Moses Boswinkel

 *SOIs have been linked if an individual has one on file or if their individual SOAC requires one.


Olévié Kouami, INTEC4DEV 
Theo Geurts, Realtime
Michele Neylon, Blacknight
Nenad Orlić 
Rasheed Tamton

Observers and Experts:

Naela Sarras
Kim Davies
Vadim A. Mikhaylov
Olivier Girard
Katrina Sataki

ISO3166 Expert:

Jaap Akkerhuis, NLnet Labs/ICANN: ISO 3166 MA member

Staff Support:

Bart Boswinkel
Bernard Turcotte
Kim Carlson
Joke Braeken