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Glenn McKnight and Judith Hellerstein Overview of expectations

Opening Session - Introductions and Aims and Objectives of the NARALO General Assembly

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Identification of Tools
Glenn McKnight and Judith Hellerstein  

Policy and Policy Development - Overview of Policy and Why it is Important for At-Large and NARALO

  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Q and A

John Laprise,

Avri Doria and


9:00-9:30Overview of NARALO Strategic FPlan & Outreach and Engagement CROPP StrategyGlenn McKnight 
  • NARALO Outreach and Engagement
  • Overview of the CROPP Strategic Plan
  • Local ALS funding
  • Summary of CROPP Trips in 2016 and 2017
  • Outreach and Engagement 2017/2018 target groups, tools for engagement, under-served communities and more
  • March 2018 ICANN PR
  • NA School of Internet Governance
  • Outreach to Universities
  • Showcase
9:30-10:00North-American Strategy - Targeting to fit purpose of policy development activities

Glenn McKnight & Chris Mondini




10:00-10:15Coffee Break   
10:15-10:45Policy & Outreach & Engagement Discussion with Göran Marby, President and CEO of ICANNGöran Marby 

Comments by Göran Marby (10 minutes)

  • Policy, Outreach and Engagement within At-Large and ICANN
  • What ICANN and NARALO can do


10:45-11:00Introduction to Break-out SessionsJohn Laprise and Heidi Ullrich 
  •  Aims and objectives
  • Process of Break-outs


11:00-12:004 Break-out Sessions   
 Identifying NARALO's Hot Policy Topics and their potential impact on end-users

Breakout facilitator: John Laprise

Rapporteur: Eduardo Diaz

  • Key NARALO Policy Topics
  • Identification of potential impact on end-users

Identifying Key Elements in a NARALO Strategy Plan

Breakout facilitator: Glenn McKnight

Rapporteur:Judith Hellerstein


  • Mission Statement
  • Where do we want to go?
  • Development of a Roadmap
  • What tools do we need to get there?
 Ensuring End User Accountability through Effective Policy and Process

Breakout facilitator: Garth Bruen

Rapporteur:Judith Evan Leibovitch

  • What are the abuse/compliance/security obligations of top-level Interest bodies?
  • Do the mechanisms work as promised?
  • Are the current mechanisms effective in their function?
  • What are the observable/measurable end-user benefits?
  • How can we improve and grow these systems?
 Solution Circle on Topic I (TBD)

Breakout facilitator:Avri Doria



  • Topic to be identified from Morning discussions
 Solution Circle on Topic 2 (TBD)

Breakout facilitator: Javier Rua


  • Topic to be identified from Morning discussions




13:00-14:00Closing Session  
  • Feedback from Break-out sessions
  • Recap
  • Action items
  • Recommendation
  • Report