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TimeTopic                                                                                                                                                        FacilitatorCurator Google DocExpected Results



Glenn McKnight and Judith Hellerstein Overview of expectations

Opening Session - Introductions and Aims and Objectives of the NARALO General Assembly

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Identification of Tools
Glenn McKnight and Judith Hellerstein  

Policy and Policy Development - Overview of Policy and Why it is Important for At-Large and NARALO

  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Q and A

John Laprise,

Avri Doria and


9:00-9:30Overview of NARALO Strategic Plan FPlan & Outreach and Engagement CROPP StrategyGlenn McKnight -
  • NARALO Outreach and Engagement
- Targeting Policy
  • Overview of the CROPP Strategic Plan
  • Local ALS funding
  • Summary of CROPP Trips in 2016 and 2017
  • Outreach and Engagement 2017/2018 target groups, tools for engagement, under-served communities and more
  • March 2018 ICANN PR
  • NA School of Internet Governance
  • Outreach to Universities
  • Showcase
9:30-10:00North-American Strategy - Discussion and Next StepsTargeting to fit purpose of policy development activities

Glenn McKnight & Chris Mondini




10:00-10:15Coffee Break   
10:15-10:45Policy & Outreach & Engagement Discussion with Goran Morby    Break out sessions -1 hourGöran Marby, President and CEO of ICANNGöran Marby 

Comments by Göran Marby (10 minutes)

  • Policy, Outreach and Engagement within At-Large and ICANN
  • What ICANN and NARALO can do


10:45-10:55Introduction to Break-out SessionsJohn Laprise and Heidi Ullrich 
  •  Aims and objectives
  • Process of Break-outs


 4 Break-out Sessions:   
 Discussion of City- TLDs

Tom Lowenhaupt & Louis Houle

 Should ICANN have a separate track for issuing and reviewing city-TLDs? What resources should be made available to cities to advance their TLD readiness.


Alan Greenberg with Ron Da Silva  
 ICANN and the Public InterestEvan Leibovitch &/or Garth Bruen  
 Internet GovernanceJohn Laprise with Judith Hellerstein 

This session will explain the core concepts of Internet Governance and the multiplicity of approaches to understand it's significance and relevance.

Each of the key pillars of Internet Governance will be discussed with special relevance to the NARALO communityIdentifying NARALO's Hot Policy Topics and their potential impact on end-users

Breakout facilitator: John Laprise

Rapporteur: Eduardo Diaz

  • Key NARALO Policy Topics
  • Identification of potential impact on end-users

Identifying Key Elements in a NARALO Strategy Plan

Breakout facilitator: Glenn McKnight

Rapporteur:Judith Hellerstein


  • Mission Statement
  • Where do we want to go?
  • Development of a Roadmap
  • What tools do we need to get there?
 Solution Circle on Topic I (TBD)

Breakout facilitator:Avri Doria



  • Topic to be identified from Morning discussions
 Solution Circle on Topic 2 (TBD)

Breakout facilitator: Javier Rua


  • Topic to be identified from Morning discussions