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Members:   Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Elise Lindberge, Jonathan Robinson, Lise Fuhr, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Paul Kane, Wanawit Ahkuputra   (7)

Participants:  Chuck Gomes, Kavouss Arasteh, Martin Boyle Matthew Shears, Sabine Meyer, Sivasubramanian Muthusamy   (6)

Legal Counsel:  Josh Hofheimer

Staff:  Nathalie Vergnolle, Trang Nguyen, Yuko Green

Apologies:  David Conrad, Eduardo Diaz, Jaap Akkerhuis, Seun Ojedeji, Greg Shatan


**Please let Brenda know if your name has been left off the list (attendees or apologies).**


  1. Status Update (Chairs)
  2. Implementation Update
    1. Staff update 
  3. Key Issues (with Sidley)
    1. Naming functions agreement
    2. Services agreement
    3. IANA IPR
  4. Client Committee
  5. AOB


1. Status update (Lise)

·  8 comments received on Naming function contract.

·  ICANN board meeting today, will consider Naming function and Services agreements for approval.

·  IANA IPR agreements public comment ended on 12 Sep.

2. Implementation update (Trang)

·  ICANN finalizing the staff analysis on public comments received on the Naming functions agreement

·  Revised version of Services agreement circulated to CWG prior to the call. 

3. Key issues

3.1 Naming functions agreement

·  Name of the agreement changed to contract

·  Discussed comment from CENTR (3. Section 4.6) - the revised version proposed by CWG took care of this. 

3.2 Services agreement

·  Reviewed language of section 5.

·  Schedule A bracketed text proposed by SIdley was agreed to by ICANN Legal. 

·  CWG asking for 24hrs to review the latest version.

ACTION (CWG): review latest version of Services agreement by 06:00UTC on Sep 16.


·  Role of the CCG reps - familiarity with IP rights seems preferable for co-chair. Time commitment should be light. Familiarity with the transition history/process would also seem appropriate.

·  Term: unspecified at this time. Interim reps to be in place until the Naming community decides to replace them.

·  Discussed potential conflict of interest.

·  Discussed looking for candidates as CCG reps from the CWG, by putting out a call for interest.

ACTION (CWG co-chairs): issue a call for interest for CCG reps within CWG members, and CWG to discuss way forward during next CWG call.

·  If no candidates can be identified, CWG co-chairs would be the interim CCGs.

·  Reviewed appointment letter:

- Keep the letter brief (definitions of capitalized terms can be found in the community agreement, which is attached to the letter, no need to reiterate the definitions in the letter itself).

- CWG is not meant to remain active - a potential successor should be mentioned. Add: "CWG, or a successor organization acting for the benefit of the Naming community"

- Not necessary to specify the appointment duration. 

  ACTION (Sidley): revise the letter according to the comments received during the call.

5. AOB

Scheduling of next CWG call: next Thursday, 22 Sep @14:00 UTC

Action Items

  • ACTION (CWG): review latest version of Services agreement by 06:00UTC on Sep 16.
  • ACTION (CWG co-chairs): issue a call for interest for CCG reps within CWG members, and CWG to discuss way forward during next CWG call.
  • ACTION (Sidley): revise the letter according to the comments received during the call. 





Chat Transcript

Lise Fuhr: (9/15/2016 00:50) Hi all connecting to the audio too

  Yuko Green: (00:50) Hi all, welcome to the CWG IANA Meeting #92!

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (00:56) Hello

  Yuko Green: (00:56) Hello Chuck!

  Sabine Meyer (GAC - Germany): (00:59) hello everyone

  Lise Fuhr: (00:59) Hello

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (00:59) Hi Everybody

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (00:59) Lise

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (00:59) GM

  martin boyle, Nominet: (01:00) mornin' all

  Paul Kane: (01:00) morning

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (01:00) May you kindly clarify what positionor positions you and Jonathan  will have in the new arrangements

  Yuko Green: (01:00) Hi all, we will get started shortly

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (01:04) evening

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (01:06) Lise ,at appropriate time ,May you kindly clarify what positionor positions you and Jonathan  will have in the new arrangements

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (01:07) Yes that was my question

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (01:08) tks

  Jonathan Robinson: (01:11) All. Please note that the revised version of SErvices Agreement" was sent  to CWG15 mins prior to this call. To that extent it has been circulated.

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (01:12) give it at least 24H please

  Trang Nguyen: (01:16) @Lise: 24 hours for the Services Agreement should not be a problem.

  Yuko Green: (01:16) The latest version of the redline services agreement is on the screen with scroll control for you

  Jonathan Robinson: (01:16) @Paul. You were referring to comments on the Naming Functions agreement as I heard it. Therefore, that was a comment addressed to staff as they process the public comments.

  Jonathan Robinson: (01:16) COrrect?

  Paul Kane: (01:18) Yes Jonathan - exactly.  It was for ICANN to adopt the need for language to be updated for community imput

  Paul Kane: (01:18) on Technical updates to PTI

  Lise Fuhr: (01:18) ok lets discuss after the service agreement

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (01:19) May I request that speakers kindly speak more slowly and separate sylabus one from another

  Paul Kane: (01:19) More a comment to ICANN Staff.  The comment submitted made a valid suggestion.

  Trang Nguyen: (01:21) @Paul, could you please point me to the specific from CENTR that you are referring to?

  Paul Kane: (01:22) 3. Section 4.6

  Paul Kane: (01:22) Just a tightening of lasnguage - not a substantive change

  Lise Fuhr: (01:23) Please mute when not speaking

  Paul Kane: (01:24) Perfect ... that is the tightening that I was referencing

  Paul Kane: (01:24) Thanks Trang - it is

  Jonathan Robinson: (01:27) @ALL. Greg Shatan briefly supplemented my information about the CCG reps to the mail list.

  Jonathan Robinson: (01:30) From Greg

  Jonathan Robinson: (01:30) I just want to confirm that I understand that the "job" of the CCG representatives from the names community, and in particular that of the Co-Chair, is to serve the community, keep the community informed, seek the direction of the names community and act at the direction of the community.  I expect that the most significant tasks before the CCG in the early days will be setting up any procedures the CCG will have, making sure the duties and obligations are well-understood, and making sure that the expected lines of communications are open. As such, an understanding of the genesis of the CCG and how the role of the CCG fits into IPR-related obligations and law will be helpful.  Of course, this will all be done at the direction of the names community (initially, the CWG).

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:37) Seun raised some good questions on the terms.

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (01:38) @Jonathan, correct.  WHen I referred to "CCG Co-chairs" and the relevance of IP exeperience, I was speakng of the three CCG Co-Chairs under the Community AGreement, i.e. one each from Names, Numbers and Protocols.  

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (01:38) Its useful for those three co-chairs to have some IP background

  Jonathan Robinson: (01:39) @Paul. Greg would become "Interim Co-chair" in the first instance.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (01:41) SO Sorry I am late I was delayed longer thhn expected when I returned my Samsung Note 7  to the telcostore for my replacement unit **Sigh**

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:42) The key at this point in time is to have some specific alternatives for Jonathan & Lise if we want to go that direction.

  matthew shears: (01:44) I agree with your suggested limited term interim role

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:44) Should we ask for volunteers in the CWG?

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:45) Volunteers or nominees

  Jonathan Robinson: (01:45) @Chuck. Agreed. Any proposals for nomination, selection much appreciates. I agree that the CWG may be the best pool to search in. Here you have qualifications in terms of the history of the CWG.

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:46) Shall we set a deadline for nominations or volunteers and, if we get none, go with the provisional approach.

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (01:47) The Community AGreement specifies that the CCG is formed at signing, and so the 3 reps from each community should be identified at signing.  Their names do not need to be included in the Community Agreement itself, but the group of 9 is supposed to be formed at signing.

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (01:47) +1 Lise

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:47) If Greg is on the CCG, the other two mainly need to be good representatives of the Names Community.

  matthew shears: (01:48) agree Chuck

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:53) What will be the deadline for volunteers/nominees?

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:53) Our next meeting?

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (01:53) @Chuck, we need 3 names by the 30th.  THey can be changed but we need to have initial persons

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (01:54) Please kindly do not take the comments associated with any individual but just to have a propr process

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:54) We need a few days to confirm qualifications and get support from the CWG.

  matthew shears: (01:55) so a one-year appointment?

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:56) To increase our chances, we might want to ask CWG members to reach out to their groups for volunteers/nominees.

  matthew shears: (01:58) why not have placeholders until Hyderabad when community should have decided on the individuals

  Paul Kane: (01:58) They should be placeholder candidates.

  matthew shears: (01:58) that gives the community time - there is slot going on right now

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (01:59) Is it okay for us to reach out to our respective groups for volunteers/nominees?

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (02:00) We can have volunteers who have needed experience/skills.

  Paul Kane: (02:01) Knowledge of CWG processes and willing to act as communication channel to naming community

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (02:01) Kavouss is correct that we ask for volunteers identify the qualifications.

  matthew shears: (02:01) + 1 Paul

  Paul Kane: (02:02) Yes - to Greg

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (02:03) LISE

  matthew shears: (02:03) good plan Lise

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (02:03) This is a fair and acceptable conclusions

  Jonathan Robinson: (02:04) @Lise. Appointment letter not approval letter

  Jonathan Robinson: (02:04) Name is in square brackets. Traditional legal approach to something which is not yet agreed

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (02:05) I suggest that we spell out what CCG stands for because most people will not know what it stands for.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (02:05) good point Chuck

  Paul Kane: (02:08) Thanks all - I am sorry but I must leave the call now.  Have a good day/eve

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (02:08) Bye Paul

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (02:12) We could say "(a) my receipt of written notice from the CWG, or any successor organization acting for the benefit of the Names Community, of my removal from the position...

  matthew shears: (02:13) this should work:

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (02:15) Mathiew.tks

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (02:15) I can not open that hyperlink

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (02:15) Do you have other solution

  Trang Nguyen: (02:15) Try this one:

  KAVOUSS Arasteh: (02:15) Tks lise

  Jonathan Robinson: (02:15) The link just worked for m

  Jonathan Robinson: (02:15) me

  Chuck Gomes (RySG): (02:15) Thanks all.  Good meeting.

  matthew shears: (02:16) thanks all

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (02:16) good night

  Trang Nguyen: (02:16) Thank you. Bye.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (02:16) BYE  for now talk soon :-)  

  Lise Fuhr: (02:16) Bye all

  Sivasubramanian M: (02:16) Bye

  martin boyle, Nominet: (02:16) bye all

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond: (02:17) thanks all bye