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** Closed meetings are highlighted in pink **

GNSO Schedule / Hyderabad 2016
Remote participation, live audio streaming, recording and transcript available after meeting.
Thursday 3 NovGNSO Working Sessions HALL 6RoomNotes
9:0012:15Next Generation gTLD Registration Directory Services to replace WHOIS PDP Working Group Face-to-FaceHall 6 
9:0010:30ISPCP MeetingG.03/04  
10:3011:00AM Coffee BreakNorth Foyer 
11:0012:15IPC MeetingG.03/04  
12:1513:45IPC/Registrar MeetingHall 2 
13:4515:00GNSO Futures GroupG.03/04  
13:4516:45NCUC OutreachHall 2 
13:4518:30New gTLD Subsequent Procedures  PDP Working Group Face-to-FaceHall 6 
15:0015:15PM Coffee BreakNorth Foyer 
15:1516:45BC Private MeetingG.03/04  
17:0018:30CSG MeetingG.01/02 
17:0018:30NCSG and Human Rights MeetingG.03/04  
Friday 4 NovemberSessionRoomNotes
9:0018:30GNSO Working Session (Part 1): 09:00-09:30 Review of all Rights Protection Mechanisms PDP update, 09:30-10:00 New gTLD Subsequent Proceedures PDP update, 10:00-10:30 Next Generation RDS PDP update, 10:30-11:00 Curative Rights Protections for IGO/INGOs updateHall 6Speakers and times to be confirmed
10:3011:00AM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
11:0012:00GNSO Working Sessions (Part 2) 11:30-12:00 GNSO New Roles and Obligations under the revised ICANN bylaws DT update Speakers and times to be confirmed
11:0013:45RySG DNA Board of Directors MeetingMR1.02 
11:0012:00GNSO Working Sessions (Part 3): 13:00-14:00 Meeting with ICANN Board, 14:30-16:00 Meeting with the GAC, 16:15-17:00 Meeting with GDD Staff 17:00-17:30 Meeting with Theresa Swinehart, 18:00-18:30 GNSO Review Working Group update Speakers and times to be confirmed
12:4513:45RySG IPC Discussion Team MeetingG.03/04 
15:0015:30PM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
Saturday 5 NovemberSessionRoomPresenter
10:3011:00AM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
11:0012:00CSG Meeting with ICANN BoardHall 6 
12:0013:00NCSG Leadership-Board MeetingMR 1.04 
12:1513:45ccNSO-GNSO Joint Council MeetingG.01/02 
12:1513:45ISPCP MeetingGranite 1 (Novotel) 
12:1513:45RySG Healthy Domains Initiative Committee MeetingHall 6 
12:1513:45BC "Fireside Chat"MR1.01 
13:4513:15RySG Healthy Domains Initiative UpdateHall 6 
15:0015:30PM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
15:1516:45RySG DNA Members SessionHall 6 
15:1516:45CCWG Country and Terrirory Names as TLDs MeetingG.01/02 
15:1516:45NCSG Policy CommitteeGranite 1 (Novotel) 
tbc GALA  
Sunday 6 NovemberSessionRoomNotes
8:309:30NCSG-CSG MeetingG.03/04 
8:309:00RySG Membership MeetingHall 2 
89:30001810:30RySG RrSG JOINT MeetingHall 2 
913:001017:3000RrSG RySG MeetingHall 26 
9:4510:45NCSG-ICANN Board MeetingHall 3 
10:3011:00AM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
11:0012:15CSG Meeting G.01/02 
11:0012:30ICANN Board and Contracted Parties House MeetingHall 3 
11:0015:00NCUC MeetingG.03/04 
11:0013:45NPOC MeetingMR1.02 
12:1513:30CSG Board Prep MeetingG.01/02 
12:1516:45RrSG MeetingHall 2 
13:3015:00ICANN Board and CSG MeetingHall 3 
15:0015:30PM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
15:1516:45IPC Meeting (Open Meeting 2)G.01/02 
15:1518:30NCSG Open MeetingG.03/04 
15:1516:45BC Public MeetingMR1.01 
15:1516:45ISPCP Meeting MR1.02 
15:1516:45RySG DNA Marketing CommitteeBall Room (Novotel) 
17:0018:30CSG CPH Leadership Joint MeetingHall 6 
18:3019:30GNSO Informal Council Session Hall 6 
Monday 7 NovemberSessionRoomNotes
9:0010:30IGO/INGO Working Group MeetingHall 6 
9:0010:30NPOC In-Reach EventMR1.01 
9:0012:15RySG BRG Working SessionGranite 1 (Novotel) 
10:3011:00AM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
11:0012:15GNSO RPM PDP Working GroupHall 6 
12:3013:30ICANN Board and GNSO Joint MeetingHall 6 
13:4515:00GNSO Council Public Meeting  (part 1)Hall 2 
15:0015:30PM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
15:1516:45GNSO Council Public Meeting  (part 2)Hall 2 
17:0018:30GNSO Wrap-Up SessionHall 6 
Tuesday 8 NovemberSessionRoomNotes
8:309:30Registrars DNS Context and Abuse ComplaintsHall 1 
10:3011:00AM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
12:1513:45NCSG Excom MeetingG.01/02 
12:1513:30RySG DNA Reg-Ops CommitteeHall 6 
13:3015:00NCUC Excom MeetingMR1.08 
13:4515:00GNSO Review Working GroupMR 1.04 
15:0015:30PM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
15:1516:45RySG BRG Open SessionHall 6 
17:0018:30NPOC Community Out-reach EventG.03/04 
17:0018:30CCWG New gTLD Auction Proceeds MeetingHall 6 
17:0018:30SG/C Leadership MeetingMR1.02 
Wednesday 9 NovemberSessionRoomNotes
9:0013:45GNSO Development SessionHall 6 
9:0010:30RySG Brand TLD awareness SessionG.01/02 
10:3011:00AM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
15:0015:30PM CoffeeNorth Foyer 
17:0018:00ICANN 57 Wrap-up CocktailNovotel Lawn