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  •  1. All taskforce members to review the RALOs Operating Principles, looking at the structures, posted on the wiki for next week.
  •  2. It was agreed that there should be 2 officers, not 3 officers. The name of second officer still under discussion.
  •  3. The Vice Chair position was discussed. Vice Chair should assume the Secretariat duties and if needed assume the Chair's position. Duties of officers to be spelled out in another document.
  •  4. Rules of Procedures shall be used for operational details.
  •  5.  Olivier mentioned the Idea of the Leadership team/ Board. Or Alternative possibility would be to abolish the Board and have an active group of devoted individuals who volunteer to lead the RALO's various work streams.
  •  6.  Choice between Board of 5 Board members plus 2 Officers (5+2=7) or 5 Board members including 2 Officers (3+2=5). Task Force to think about advantages and inconvenient of both structures.
  •  7. Task Force members to send to the list if they agree getting rid of Treasurer and Advisory Council positions.
  •  8. Gisella Gruber/Terri to send a doodle for a call next week.