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List as of  Dec 20, 2016, confirmations  by email 

FInal  List as of  January 9th, 2017  

25 attendees

Judith H./LeMarie ThompsonYubelkys M.N-CAPMatthew R./Loris Taylor Alan Visually Impaired and Blind User Group (VIBUG).      





WBEN Required

Dana Perry AWV CAPYes1   
Judith HellersteinCapital Area GlobetrottersYESMonique C.1X  
Monique ChartrandCommunautiqueYes1   
Evan LeibovitchCLUEYes1X  
Thomas L. Lowenhaupt ConnectivityConnecting.nycYES1   
Howard DeaneConsumer Council of CanadaYes1 Glenn M./ Sarah Tariq YES
Glenn McKnightFBSCYESScott S.1X  
Scott SullivanGTALUGYes1   
Yubelkys Montalvo CarriónHETSYes1   
Seth Reiss IPTSHSBAYes1x Ogi Mitev 
Mike Schoenecker ISOC ColoradoYes1 Murray M.  ISCCYES
Shelley RobinsonISOC CanadaYes1 David Vorst YES
John MoreISOC DCYes1 Jonathan A. YES
Avri DoriaISOC NYYes1x  
Louis HouleISOC QuebecYes1X  
Eduardo DiazISOC PRYesMark1ISOC Special NeedsX  
Leah SSymekher ISOC SFYes1   
Garth BruenKnujOnYesDarlene Thompson1X  
Matthew RantanenNative Public Media YesTim Reilly1Open Media   
Allan Skuce PCNAYes1 
Garth GrahamTelecommunities Canaa 
Marita MollTelecommunities CanadaYes1   
Alan Greenberg/John LapriseOtherALAC Chair /Unaffiliated PersonRep YesSatish1X  
William CunninghamUnaffiliated PersonYes1X YES
   John LapriseAssociation of Internet UsersYes1   
 Javier Rúa-Jovet NARALO ALAC member Yes1