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List as of  Dec 20, 2016, confirmations  by email 

FInal  List as of  January 9th, 2017  

25 attendees






WBEN Required

Dana Perry AWV CAPYes1   
Judith H./LeMarie ThompsonHellersteinCapital Area GlobetrottersYES1X  
Monique C.ChartrandCommunautiqueYes1   
Evan LeibovitchCLUE Yes1X  
Thomas Lowenhaupt Connecting.nycYES1   
Howard DeaneConsumer Council of Canada Yes1  Glenn M./ Sarah Tariq/Jose GuevaraYES
Glenn McKnightFBSCYES1X  
Scott SullivanGTALUGYes1   
Yubelkys M.Montalvo CarriónHETSYes1   
Seth Reiss IPTSHSBA Yes1x  Ogi Mitev
Mike Schoenecker ISOC Colorado Yes1  Murray M./OtherISCC YES
Shelley RobinsonISOC CanadaYes1  David Vorst/YES
John MoreISOC DC Yes1  Joly/YES
Avri DoriaISOC NY Yes1x  
Louis HouleISOC Quebec Yes1X  
Eduardo Diaz/AlfredoISOC PRYes1X MarkISOC Special Needs 
  Leah S/EveLeah Symekher ISOC SFYes1   
Garth BruenKnujOnYes1X Darlene ThompsonN-CAP X 
Matthew R./Loris Taylor /CandiceMatthew RantanenNative Public Media Yes 1 Tim ReillyOpen Media  
 Alan Allan Skuce PCNAYes1   
Garth Graham/Marita MollTelecommunities CanaaCanadaYes1   
Alan Greenberg/OtherALAC Chair /Unaffiliated PersonRep Yes1X 
SatishVisually Impaired and Blind User Group (VIBUG).   
John Laprise?? 
William CunninghamUnaffiliated PersonYes1X YES
John LapriseAssociation of Internet UsersYes1   Lynden Price
North Carolina ISOC Javier Rúa-Jovet NARALO ALAC member Yes1