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The cross community working party (CCWP) on ICANN & Human Rights The Cross Community Working Party on ICANN's Corporate and Social Responsibility to Respect Human Rights (CCWP-HR)seeks to map and understand the issues and potential solutions related to corporate and social responsibilities of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This is related, but not limited to policies, procedures and operations, with a particular focus on ICANNs responsibility to respect human rights.



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October 2015

'ICANN’s Corporate Responsibility to respect Human Rights: Recommendations for developing Human Rights Review Process and Reporting' by CCWP-HR 

June 2015

'Issue report for the Cross Community Working Party on ICANN’s Corporate and Social Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: Practical recommendations for ICANN' by Article19


'ICANN's procedures and policies in the light of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democratic value's'  by Thomas Scheider and Monika Zalnieriute facilitated by the Council of Europe


Participants and Observers