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17ICANN needs to be sensitive to the fact that social media are blocked in certain countries and, in conjunction with technical bodies, promote credible alternativesICANN GSE Staff; ICANN CIIOTG2
  • Technology Taskforce
  • Social Media

titleIn Progress




Implementation Details 

ICANN is already aware that popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are blocked in certain countries. To address this issue, ICANN’s Communications Department has made a conscious effort in establishing and managing credible alternatives in those countries for promoting ICANN’s work. Examples include ICANN’s Weibo blog, Wechat channel, and YouKu channel in mainland China.

The At-Large Community has contributed to this effort by researching and testing other social media tools. For instance, At-Large’s Social Media Working Group discovered and shared with ICANN Staff SLACK (a cloud-based, team collaboration software)’s capability to integrate with Twitter and publish tweets in countries/territories that Twitter is blocked.

Next Step 

At-Large will maintain a watching brief on ICANN’s efforts of spreading its social media footprint to reach and communicate with users around the world as widely as possible.




    • Social Media WG assignees of this Rec to do the reporting