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Deck of Cards


15 May 2019

agenda | screen recording | chat | mp3 | transcript | attendance 

20 Feb 2019

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ICANN64 - CCWP ICANN and Human Rights

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21 September 2018

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31 July 2018: CCWP-HR: Due Diligence and Why it matters

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01 June 2018

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03 May 2018

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06 Feb 2018

CCWP ICANN and Human Rights

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ICANN 60 - CCWP ICANN and Human Rights

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ICANN60 - CCWP ICANN and Human Rights

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ICANN 58 - CCWP ICANN and Human Rights

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Community gTLD Applications and Human Rights webinar

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ICANN57: Hyderabad

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21 Oct 2016 | CCWP

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07 Oct 2016 | CCWP SG 1

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17 June 2016 | CCWP

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17 May 2016 | CCWP

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25 Apr 2016 | CCWP

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ICANN 55: Marrakech 5 - 10 March

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NCSG-CCWP ICANNs Corporate and Social Responsibility to Respect Human Rights working session (agenda | transcript | audio stream | virtual room stream)

GAC HRIL and CCWP on ICANN's Corporate and Social Responsibility to Respect Human Rights (transcript |  virtual meeting room)

26 Feb 2016 | CCWP

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10 Feb 2016 | CCWP

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21 Jan 2016 | CCWP

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18 Dec 2015 | CCWP

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27 Nov 2015 | CCWP

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21 Oct 2015 | ICANN 54 | Morning Session

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21 Oct 2015 | ICANN 54 | Working session 

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21 Sep 2015 | CCWP

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AC Chat


17 Aug 2015

  1. Short evaluation ICANN 53 BA.
  2. Works as agreed. 
    1. 1. chart 
    2. 2. legal 
    3. 3. administrative

3. CCWG accountability & human rights

4. Other issues


MaryamBakoshi:Dearall, welcome to the CCWP on ICANN & HR call on Monday, 17th Aug 2015 at 13:00 UTC
  MaryamBakoshi:MeganRichards& Sara Bockey have joined the meeting
  MaryamBakoshi:RafikDammak has joinedRafikDammakhasjoined
  MaryamBakoshi:Nielshas joinedNielshasjoined
  MaryamBakoshi:MatthewSHears and marilia Marciel MatthewSHearsandmariliaMarciel have joined
  MaryamBakoshi:TatianaTropina has joinedTatianaTropinahasjoined
  Megan Richards, EuropeanCommission:muchbetter !
  MariliaMaciel:Maybewe can see Maybewecansee the agenda on screen?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:1. Short evaluation ICANN2. Works as agreed. 1. chart 2. legal 3. administrivia3. CCWG accountability & human rights4. other issues
  Marilia Maciel:Perfect
  Marilia Maciel:Lost audioLostaudio, Niels
  Megan Richards, European Commission:we have lost your voice Niels wehavelost yourvoiceNiels!
  Maryam Bakoshi:Alexandra, Avri Doria, Stephanie Perrin & Farzaneh have  joined
  Maryam Bakoshi:Niles will rejoin Nileswillrejoin soon
  matthew shears:seem to have seemtohave audio issues
  Maryam Bakoshi:We are calling Wearecalling him now
  Marilia Maciel:Ok, thanks, Maryam
  Maryam Bakoshi:We are working Weareworking to get Niels back on the line
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:yyou lost me?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:aii
  MariliaMaciel:Yes,no audionoaudio
  MaryamBakoshi:Theoperator has been Theoperatorhasbeen trying to call you
  Niels ten Oever -Article19:canyou call me again?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:I just hung Ijusthung up now
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:pls call me plscallme again
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:where did you wheredidyou lose me?
  matthew shears:I am here Iamhere (I think)
  Megan Richards, European Commission:at the beginning atthebeginning !!
  TatianaTropina:canyou hear canyouhear me?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:No we Nowe cannot hear you
  Maryam Bakoshi:No
  Tatiana Tropina:too badtoobad
  Maryam Bakoshi:Tatiana do Tatianado you have a number we can sial out to
  Maryam Bakoshi:*dial
  Tatiana Tropina:+4917635423791
  Maryam Bakoshi:Amr Elsadr AmrElsadr has joined
  Maryam Bakoshi:@Tatiana - calling you now
  Marilia Maciel:Vacations for Vacationsfor you guys, in Europe I think :)
  Maryam Bakoshi:Yes Tatiana YesTatiana is on the line
  Marilia Maciel:Avri? Matt? :)
  matthew shears:I think Ithink that the accountabillity proposal is also asking for input from commenters on the issue of human rights in the bylaws in parallel
  Megan Richards, European Commission:this is thisis what the report seems to say but perhaps this is evolving: • Work plan for Work Stream 2 to: o Enhance diversity and the culture of transparency within ICANNo Further address concerns about community accountability. The 2nd Draft Report includes a recommendation for regular structural reviews of SOs and ACs to assess their accountability towards their participants as well as towards the stakeholders they are designed to represent.o Elaborate on a Commitment to human rights in the ICANN Bylaws.• Details on an implementation plan for Work Stream 1, including a Bylaws drafting process.
  Megan Richards, European Commission:sorry- wrong cut and paste !! apologies
  matthew shears:in terms of intermsof strategy it will be important for a number of diverse entities to input on this in the publoc consultation - the comment revirew process does inthepublocconsultation- thecommentrevirewprocessdoes not weight the inputs so more inputs on issues of concernsuch as HR issuesofconcernsuchasHR is important
  Avri Doria:i plan to iplanto put in my own comment on the issue.
  Avri Doria:both HR related bothHRrelated and other.
  matthewshears:+ 1
  matthewshears:I think we Ithinkwe have to leave a lot of this to WS2.  If we start to get into the detail the bylaw may get very long and cumbersome
  Tatiana Tropina:I think it Ithinkit is better to avoid detailing bylaws in order to avoid long legal debates which can get us to nowhere and delay the changes we want
  matthew shears:yep
  Tatiana Tropina:*again I don't know how far this discussion went before, may be I am just repeating what has already been discussed many times
  Megan Richards, European Commission:perhaps its a perhapsitsa problem with the mike - in a nutshell I agree with marilia's commentinanutshellIagree withmarilia'scomment
  Maryam Bakoshi:Hi MeganHiMegan, please could you provide your number for dial out
  Amr Elsadr:@Matt: RE: HRs in WS2, that sounds logical to me, so +1. For now, some form of commitment from the CCWG to include HR issues in WS2 wouldn't be such a bad thing though.
  Megan Richards, European Commission:My number is Mynumberis +322 2962443 but marilia said butmariliasaid exactly what I was going to say -
  Avri Doria:The Corporation shall operate for the benefit of the Internet community as a whole, carrying out its activities in conformity with relevant principles of international law and applicable international conventions and local law and, to the extent appropriate and consistent with these Articles and its Bylaws, through open and transparent processes that enable competition and open entry in Internet-related markets. To this effect, the Corporation shall cooperate as appropriate with relevant international organizations
  matthew shears:shame we canshamewecan't just asterisk the bylaw above after the word conventions and add if need be UDHR and ICCPR
  Tatiana Tropina:@Matthew, it's articles of incorporation I think :)
  matthew shears:thanks
  Megan Richards, European Commission:the articles of thearticlesof incorporation cover all
  Avri Doria:... coverl all that are relevant ... applicable ... and to the extent apprpproprote consistent with the bylaws.
  TatianaTropina:Yes, in a general way
  Megan Richards, European Commission:the Articles theArticles take precedence over the bylaws - the bylaws can limit the application or clarify the specific provisions
  Tatiana Tropina:+1 to Megan. I see any changes made to bylaws as clarification of this general commitment
  Megan Richards, European Commission:ICANN has agreed ICANNhasagreed to apply the applicable and relevant provisions by virtue of the provisions of its ARticles of incorporation - public international law and its application is a separate issue and not what we should be discussing here
  matthew shears:agree with simple   matthewshears:agreewithsimple phrasing for bylaws
  Avri Doria:those are not thosearenot my concerns, as much as the concerns of tothers.  i support the oftothers.  isupportthe most general language.  
  Tatiana Tropina:I actually donIactuallydon't see any way to make other than simple wording of otherthansimplewordingof bylaws
  Megan Richards, European Commission:am responding in amrespondingin the chat then
  Megan Richards, European Commission:we should ensure weshouldensure that the work is not duplicating that done in GAC HR wg and HRwgand other fora
  matthew shears:good point goodpoint- have the GAC discussions evolved since the meeting in BA?
  Megan Richards, European Commission:not yet but notyetbut would be a pity if the various groups were to either duplicate or heavens forbid contradict that of each other
  Avri Doria:Isn't the GAC having a simlar definitional issues tthe GAC havingasimlardefinitionalissues as the WP4 is having
  Megan Richards, European Commission:thanks and apologies thanksandapologies for no voice :-)
  matthew shears:thanks NielsthanksNiels, all
  Tatiana Tropina:thanks!
  Niels ten Oever -Article19:Thanksall!
  MaryamBakoshi:Thankyou allThankyouall


29 May 2015

- - Introductions
- - Report
 - Comments?
 -Issue on behalf of who?
 - Approval procedure
- - Sessions in BA
- - Update on other community activities


  Maryam Bakoshi:Dear allDearall, welcome to the ICANN and HR call on Friday 29th May 2015
  Maryam Bakoshi:Rafik Dammak and RafikDammakand Niels Ten Oever have joined the meeting
  Maryam Bakoshi:Welcome
  Marilia Maciel:Hello allHelloall!
  Maryam Bakoshi:Welcome MariliaWelcomeMarilia
  Maryam Bakoshi:Monika has joinedMonikahasjoined
  rafik:maybe she is maybesheis shy :)
  Monika Zalnieriute:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Monika Zalnieriute:I also right Ialsoright it here:)
  Monika Zalnieriute:haha, I read that I am shy here:)
  Monika Zalnieriute:ok, I wait for the call then!
  Niels ten Oever -Article19:Monika,can you canyou pick up?
  MonikaZalnieriute:Istill did not get a Istilldidnotgeta call
  Maryam Bakoshi: Pranesh Prakash
  Monika Zalnieriute:but I butI can hear You though,
  Maryam Bakoshi:Vipul KarbhandaVipulKarbhanda
  Maryam Bakoshi:have both joinedhavebothjoined
  Monika Zalnieriute:mayeb someone knowmayebsomeoneknow, what I should click to make my mic work?
  Niels ten Oever -Article19:Cliclon the mic MonikaCliclonthemicMonika
  MaryamBakoshi:Alexandraplease could you state your Alexandrapleasecouldyoustateyour full name for record purposes. Thank you
  Alexandra:Maryam,it's Alexandra sAlexandra Kulikova
  MariliaMaciel:Pleasestart the recordingPleasestarttherecording
  MonikaZalnieriute:yes,I canIcan,
  MariliaMaciel:Please,can we let canwelet the ppl on the phone introduce themselves?
  Alexandra:i'mnot sure mnotsure I won't be able to speak though unfortunately(
  Marilia Maciel:Please, mute your mics
  rafik:niels shoulds disable the nielsshouldsdisablethe mic for his adobe connect :)
  Marianne F:Hi all Hiall, there is thereis feedback so we are hearing Niels twice
  Marianne F:You're welcom Monika, apologies for rewelcomMonika,apologiesfor the lengthy email nonetheless! :)
  Marilia Maciel:What is the Whatisthe deadline to comment?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:Depends if we Dependsifwe want to print it nicely
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:If we want Ifwewant it to be gone via editor, design and print, we will need to have it done by Monday
  rafik:@Niels it is a working document for CCWP to continue the discussion, expecting the CCWP to produce its first delvierable
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:Indeed, so we need to agree on a approval procedure toagreeonaapprovalprocedure(point 1.3 :) )
  rafik:I would see Iwouldsee it as an "issue report" not necessarily needed an approval , it is neededanapproval,itis more research work to give input
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:let's discuss this under the next point
  Pranesh Prakash:If we don't make Ifwedon'tmake a strong defence of HR, who will? :-) Having said that I don't think there's a need to establish a duty to protect on ICANN's part.
  Marianne F:OF courseOFcourse, they do have this responsibility just we need to proceed step by step. So if the point is made in a note then it is there on the record to be used and referred to later if need be (just reiterating verbal point in writing)
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:+1
  Pranesh Prakash:+1
  Maryam Bakoshi:Nigel Hickson has NigelHicksonhas joined
  Marilia Maciel:Audio issues hereAudioissueshere. Will have to go out and enter again, sorry
  Marianne F:+1 from me for leaving it in as exampleinasexample; just to edit and tighten up for now and indicate there option of more detailed analysis later
  Pranesh Prakash:+1 to Marianne
  Monika Zalnieriute:Guys, I agree to have it as an example: would You like to have it a shorter part though for now?
  MonikaZalnieriute:inthis particular inthisparticular report?
  MonikaZalnieriute:+ Lee; it might be too much stuff.
  MonikaZalnieriute:Allat onceAllatonce.
  Marianne F:Hi, if the feeling is to keep it in then perhaps as a note? But Lee is pointing out the timing issue so I would defer to those who know ICANN better than I do
  Marianne F:Please mute mics Pleasemutemics when typing! :)
  Marianne F:If in doubt Ifindoubt leave it out
  Alexandra:Agree that the Agreethatthe UDRP part might draw attention from the substantial issues int he first partin the shape hefirstpartintheshape it is now
  Alexandra:I might have Imighthave missed it - could smb please remind couldsmbpleaseremind again how GAC is going to be engaged?
  Pranesh Prakash:Apologies. I have to leave now. But would just like to reiterate that we mustI wemustI(strategically) bear the burden of being the people who take positions on sensitive commercial issues. If we don't, no one else will. We can build bridges after we have some rough position.
  Marianne F:+1 from mePranesh; point well taken, cheerio!
  rafik:@Alexandra we have some GAC members in the CCWP, it has its own working group and Lee is basically doing the liaison. maybe Lee can elaborate here
  Marilia Maciel:Maybe we could Maybewecould move to the session in BA?
  Monika Zalnieriute:So I SoI would like to get the idea what do we do?: please type in here, so I could briefly have  an idea who is for LEAVING the UDRP and who is for TAKING OUT
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:The consensus seems Theconsensusseems to be that it could be mentioned as an  short examplementionedasan  shortexample, but we leave ourt the longer weleaveourtthelonger expose.
  Marilia Maciel:Yes, that is my feeling too
  Alexandra:I'll typelltype
  rafik:@monika in few words more coming work for you :)
  Monika Zalnieriute:Ok, how long - and how detailed - simply a page or so or approx how long?
  Niels ten Oever -Article19:Shorter
  MarianneF:Mentionit, keep it short as a concrete example vs. a full expose.
  MonikaZalnieriute:yes,yes, so simply a singlereferneceasinglerefernece, You mean - thats itthatsit?
  MonikaZalnieriute:shorterthan a pageshorterthanapage, You mean?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:Yes
  MonikaZalnieriute:simply like an examplementionesimplylikeanexamplementione, in a sentence?:)
  Alexandra:guys, just a quick comment/observation: an elaborate description of  this one case elaboratedescriptionof  thisonecase study now will definitely attract criticism from Russian GAC representatives - as at the Signapore meeting theSignaporemeeting they were very vocal on the Crimean domains issue from the HR perspective. It's a very debateable issue verydebateableissue in terms of how exactly that relates to  the ICANN remitthatrelatesto  theICANNremit, but if the HRtalk starts theHRtalkstarts with UDRP in detail I can expect the reaction :) what I mean is that there seems to be a strong link for them berween ICANN and that incidet in themberweenICANN and thatincidetin the HR context. I can expect there will be efforts to stick it in
  Marianne F:..I see your point but won't there be this sort of push back anyway? If this example really could become a red herring (forgive the pun) then leave it out for now. We can always put it back in...
  Alexandra:yeah I yeahI guess you're right.. But it would be good to at least formulate some stance on the issue from the group? or have a longer least of potential case studies for future
  rafik:there will be therewillbe pish back for many topics, that is why we have to work on consensus and "educate"
  Marilia Maciel:Yes, open to collaboration/endorsements
  rafik:we need to weneedto get CCWP to have ownership on itw own deliverableownershiponitwowndeliverable
  Marianne F:I agreeIagree; send the final version of the report to the CCWP for comments. People comment best when there is something concrete to comment on.
  rafik:the public session thepublicsession is not clashing with important sessions
  rafik:kathy is not coming to BA
  Marilia Maciel:I would go bit further and Iwouldgobitfurtherand ask them for their aseesmenttheiraseesment
  Marilia Maciel:some sort of somesortof responsibility to speak
  Marilia Maciel:great
  Marilia Maciel:Perfect
  Alexandra:thanks NielsthanksNiels
  Marianne F:Thanks NielsThanksNiels, thanks all for a great meeting
  Marilia Maciel:Thanks allThanksall
  Marilia Maciel:Bye allByeall!
  Alexandra:thankseveryoneand byethankseveryoneandbye!


30 Mar 2015


mp3Word, PDF

  Maryam Bakoshi:Dear allDearall, welcome to the ICANN and Human Rights Call on  Monday, 30th March 2015
  Benjamin Akinmoyeje:Hello MaryamHelloMaryam
  Maryam Bakoshi:Dear allDearall, please kindly state your name and organization in the chat windon for record purposes
  Maryam Bakoshi:*window
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:Tentative agenda Tentativeagenda is here:
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:1. Introductions
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:2. Discussion or objective and scope of the CCWP
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:3. Discussion of potential research topics
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:4. Update on related work in other constituencies and workstreams
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:5. Outreach
  jorge cancio GAC-Switzerland:Hi allHiall, I'm Jorge Cancio, GAC-Rep for Switzerland
  Chris LaHatte:good morninggoodmorning/evening
  nigel hickson:Good afternoon Goodafternoon from Geneva
  HR:good afternoon goodafternoon from Brussels - I will unfortunately have willunfortunatelyhave to leave about 14:15 - apologies
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:Just to Justto make sure everyone has the text of the CCWP draft charter:
  rafik:how is howis HR?
  matthew shears:hello
  Marilia Maciel:here until hereuntil the window of the plane closes
  Marilia Maciel:no sound nosound though
  HR:I am Iam also here - Megan Richards (European Commission)  - my name comes up as HR - I guesss the signin rather than name
  Amr Elsadr:Hi MeganHiMegan..., if you like, you can edit your info using the menu at the top-right of the AC window.
  jorge cancio GAC-Switzerland:the content thecontent of the chat just disappeared...
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:
  rafik:Hi MeganHiMegan, you are welcome :)
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:
  Amr Elsadr:Archives of the Archivesofthe email list are here:
  Alexandra:Hi everyone, in listening only mode unfortunatelyHieveryone, inlisteningonlymodeunfortunately
  Amr Elsadr:This AC room ThisACroom is audio enabled, so you can use it to speak without dialling into the conference.
  matthew shears:Is there a ICANN WP IsthereaICANNWP template?
  matthew shears:when we were whenwewere doing the Charter for the CCWG Accountbaility there CCWGAccountbailitythere was a template - granted it is a WG not WP WGnotWP but just wondered
  Amr Elsadr:Great. Thanks.
  Amr Elsadr:Bringing inBringingin/recruiting the expertise would be fantastic.
  jorge cancio GAC  jorgecancioGAC-Switzerland:As information under Asinformationunder 4: GAC agreed in Singapore to form a working group on human rights and international law
  jorge cancio GAC  jorgecancioGAC-Switzerland:It is now Itisnow being constituted, with a large number of interested GAC members, and with the work being lead by Peru
  Amr Elsadr:@Jorge: That's wonderful. Looking fwd to seeing what this WG comes up with. Thanks.
  matthew shears:i think it ithinkit will be important to ensure linkages betwen the linkagesbetwenthe WP and the WG - maybe it should be written into the charter
  Amr Elsadr:I see this Iseethis now in the text on the etherpadtheetherpad, which answers my earlier question: To propose procedures and mechanisms with the aim of producingassessments on ofproducingassessmentson if and how policies and procedures under developedandunderdevelopedand/or being implemented may impact on human rights.
  MonikaZalnieriute:Iamhere, I can hear everything, but I am not sure I can speak.
  MonikaZalnieriute:DoYou hear meDoYouhearme?
  Amr Elsadr:@Monika: Click on the phone icon on the top left of the screen.
  matthew shears:I like the Ilikethe idea of looking at HR in the broader framing of CSR - it might be easier for the SOs and ACs to understand (and be open to)
  Maryam Bakoshi:@Monika, please give me your number and I will dial out to you
  Monika Zalnieriute:Ok, I have turned my mic,  it should work,
  Monika Zalnieriute:aha, ok, my phone no xxxxxxxxxxxx
  Maryam Bakoshi:Dialling out to Diallingoutto you now
  Maryam Bakoshi:Yes we canYeswecan
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:Yes we canYeswecan
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:go aheadgoahead
  Monika Zalnieriute:Ok, so do I speak now?
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:Yes, pls go ahead
  Niels ten Oever - Article19:We still donWestilldon't hear you MonikahearyouMonika
  MonikaZalnieriute:Cool, I hear everything, and I think I agree with Niels
  matthew shears:aree Niels areeNiels - we should focus where we add value and focus - for for example on forforexampleon CSR
  Monika Zalnieriute:I see its Iseeits pretty much clear that we should focus most of our attention on CSR,
  Alexandra:It might be Itmightbe useful to look at the Global Network Initiative experience in HR auditexperienceinHRaudit
  Amr Elsadr:@Monika: I'm not entirely convinced that CSR should be the focus. The real need of HR needofHR consideration in ICANN is on how the policies affect domain name holders. This is done using the governance mechanisms via the contracts between ICANN and the registries and registrars, as well as the contracts between the registrars and the registrants.
  AmrElsadr:I'mnotsayinthat CSR should be excluded, but it shouldn't dominate the focus of the group.
  Avri Doria:aplogiesforbeing late.  i thought it aplogiesforbeinglate.  ithoughtit was later.
  matthew shears:business responsibility to businessresponsibilityto respect HR:
  nigel hickson:Assume Lee can talkonCOE work  nigelhickson:AssumeLeecantalkonCOEwork?
  matthew shears:@ Amr - understand your point re CSR - but I guess my feeling is that using that approach as an umbrella may make the issue for palatable
  Amr Elsadr:@Matt: Looks interesting. Will have to put a couple of hours aside to go through it. :)
  matthew shears:has this been hasthisbeen circulated more broadly LeebroadlyLee?
  jorge cancio GAC  jorgecancioGAC-Switzerland:will a short willashort summary of this call be circulated?
  matthew shears:I think it Ithinkit will be very important going forward that this WP has the fullest visibility of what is going on vis-a-vis ICANN and HR bpoth inside and outsdide ICANNHRbpothinside andoutsdideICANN
  Amr Elsadr:Thanks allThanksall. Bye.
  matthew shears:thanks Niels thanksNiels all
  Chris LaHatte:thanks
  Maryam Bakoshi:Thank you all  jorge cancio GACThankyouall
  Anri vd Spuy  AnrivdSpuy:Thanks.


Niel Ten Oever, Rafik Dammak, Amr Elsadr, Marilia Marciel, Benjamin Akinmoyeje, Jorge Cancio, Concettina Cassa, Chris Lahatte, Nigel Hickson, Alexandra, Lee Hibbard, Matthew Shears, Monika Zalnieruite, Megan Richards, Jean-Jacques Sahel, Stephania Milan, Avri Doria