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Links to Documents

Here are the links to the documents being discussed:

  1. Proposal for seating Latin Script Root Zone LGR LGR 
  2. Subset of MSR-2 relevant for Latin GP - HTML, XML
  3. How to process Latin letters from specific languages   
  4. Languages using Latin script with EGIDS 3-4 
  5. Languages using Latin script with EGIDS 1-4
  6. Languages using Latin script source - Omniglot source
  7. Languages using Latin script with EGIDS = 5
  8. Latin part of MSR2 with attestation v5


Work Status Information 

Suggested Timeline with Significant Milestones: the Generation Panel intends to divide the work on LGR for the Root zone in four stages. These are organized as follows:

Preparation for establishment of LGP  Call for participation* 

Application for establishment of LGP 


Development of Latin LGR

Latin coordination committee meetings  

Collecting community opinion and remarks


Submit draft Latin LGR to ICANN



Meeting Dates and Notes 

Panel Status Information

Script/Generation PanelStatus

Latin GP 

titleWaiting for Proposal

  • Waiting for Proposal

Draft Panel Formation Proposal


Useful resources

Panel membership






Language Expertise
ObserverTunde AdegbolaAfrican Languages Technology InitiativeNigeria 
MemberSarat AssirouInstitute COADYIvory CoastDioula
ObserverDwayne AfricaAfrikaans, Northern Sotho, Venda, Tswana and Southern Sotho
ObserverFahd BataynehICANNJordanArabic, English
ObserverMatthias BrenzingerUniversity of Cape TownSouth Africa 
ObserverEric Brunner-WilliamsCOREUSEnglish


Chris DillonUniversity College LondonUKEnglish, German, Spanish
ObserverTarkan DorukSanofiUAETurkish
MemberScott Emblen-JarrettFreelance TranslatorUK

English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Galician, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, Occitan, Romanian and others

ObserverYashar HajiyevInformation Policy Analytical CenterAzerbaijanAzerbaijani, English
MemberHazem HezzahLeague of Arab StatesEgypt

Use of Latin script for African languages

MemberPaul HoffmanICANNUSEnglish

Danko Jevtovic


SerbiaSerbian, English
MemberAhmed Bakht MasoodPakistan Telecom AuthorityPakistanUrdu, English
ObserverTarik MerghaniAfTLDSudan 
MemberMeikal MuminUniversity of CologneGermany

German, English, Use of

Latin script for African languages

MemberAbdeslam NasriATOSAlgiersArabic, French
MemberNgô Thanh NhànNew York UniversityUSVietnamese
ObserverDaniel OmondiInternet SocietyKenya 
ObserverOscar Gabriel Ledesma PiñeiroAlfa-REDIArgentinaSpanish, English
ObserverGideon Kiprono RopDotConnectAfricaKenya 
ObserverDušan StojičevićRNIDSSerbiaSerbian, English

Jean-Jacques Subrenat

NCUC; Individual Users; NMI/CC; ICGFranceFrench, English

Mirjana Tasić

National Internet Domain Names of Serbia (RNIDS)

SerbiaSerbian, English

Aysegul Tekce

MemberVladimir VisnjicTemple UniversityUSEnglish, German, Serbian, Croatian, Greek
MemberBonface WitabaCentre for Youth Empowerment & Leadership, KenyaKenyaSwahili
ObserverJiankang YaoComputer Network Information Center (CNIC, CAS)ChinaMandarin Chinese, Pinyin and English
MemberSeun Ojedeji 

AFRINIC and Federal University Oye-Ekiti,

MemberMichael BaulandKnipp  Medien und Kommunikation GmbHGermanyGerman
MemberMats DufbergIISSwedenSwedish
MemberDennis T. TanakaVerisignUSSpanish, English
MemberTran Canh ToanDeputy Director of Technical Department, VNNICVietnamVietnamese, English
MemberBill JourisInside ProductsUSEnglish, German, Japanese 
MemberNebiye Petek Kurtböke IstanbulTurkish, Italian

Contact and Additional Information

  • Contact the Latin Generation Panel at: Email recipients are panel members as listed in above. Public archive of exchanges taking place on this mailing list are available at:
  • Integration, existing and prospective Generation Panel members will be subscribed to the following mailing list to facilitate communications on matters related to LGR work and submissions of LGR proposals. Public archive of exchanges taking place on this mailing list are available at:

 How to submit LGR proposals?


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