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  1. Introduction : welcoming members and setting the scene for newcomers (5min)
  2. Update from constituencies on morning meetings (10min)
  3. Update from NCSG Policy Committee meeting on Sunday (10min)
  4. Prepare for the meeting with board : (10)
     preparation starting prior to ICANN meeting
    • Public Interest  (lead discussant: Bill Drake)
    • Content Policy/Control (lead discussant: Ed Morris ) 
    • Privacy update (lead discussant: Stephanie Perrin)
  5. Strategizing about ICANN accountability & IANA stewardship : updates and action plan (lead discussants: Avri Doria  & Milton Mueller & Robin Gross)
  6. Meeting with ICANN CFO: update about 5-year strategic&budget plan (15min)
  7. Meeting with nomcom representatives (15min)
  8. Wrap-up & AOB :
     GAC and geographical names, presented by Robin Gross (10min) 
    Whois update