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  • September 2014 – The GAC leadership group (Chair and Vice Chairs) sent out an e-mail to GAC members seeking final agreement on joining the CWG, including adopting the Group's Charter
  • December 2014 – GAC will have a webinar for all GAC members during the public comment period right after the CWG draft is published
  • October 2014 – Letter from the GAC Chair to Co-Chairs of the CWG Charter Drafting Team - confirming that the GAC has adopted the charter and will join as a chartering organization with two members
  • October 2014 – ICANN 51 Meeting in Los Angeles: Internal GAC discussions on the CWG charter and procedures for exchange of information from the members to the GAC. GAC rep in CWG has the responsibility to inform the GAC on CWG discussions and deliverables. For this purpose GAC members of the CWG has created a Workspace on the GAC website with systematic information from the CWG Wiki - including meeting schedules, agendas, notes and timelines for comments and deliverables.  An internal GAC document was produced to map the scope of work in CWG Charter and current IANA Functions Contract against existing GAC Advice
  • In addition to the GAC Workspace, GAC members and members and participants of the CWG use the GAC mailing list to point attention to specific items and discussions in the smaller working groups in the CWG. Since there is no opportunity to have a face-to-face GAC meeting between the ICANN 51 Meeting in Los Angeles and the CWG deadline for submission of a proposal to the ICG, each GAC member has been invited to submit comments to GAC CWG members and participants to be put forward in the in the discussions in the CWG
  • November 2014 – The draft principles document of the CWG was forwarded to GAC for comments and analysis of overlaps against the GAC work on high-level principles on IANA transition and associated accountability processes. The GAC broadly supported the draft principles from the CWG, but there were substantial contributions from GAC members and topic leads on identifying concerns to be forwarded in the discussions on the principles in the face-to-face meeting in Frankfurt on 19-20 November.
  • November 2014 – GAC members of the CWG gave a report to the GAC on the latest discussions and developments in the CWG especially in regards of the work in RFP3 (Post-Transition oversight and Accountability Arrangements), and the documents featuring the “triage of IANA Functions Contract” and “issues flowing from the IANA Functions Contract”. On 13 November, the first "Strawman Matrix" with alternatives and a set out picture of models for discussion were forwarded to the GAC list, asking for GAC colleagues comments on specific items before the face-to-face meeting in Frankfurt. The GAC discussion and input online feed into the CWG items on, among others, multistakeholder involvement, separation of ICANN/IANA, and the establishing of an appeals mechanism. This input was forwarded in the discussions in Frankfurt.  
  • November 2014 – Chairs’ Statement and information update was sent to the GAC list for comments following the face-to-face meeting in Frankfurt
  • GAC members and participants in the CWG and the GAC secretariat have been using GAC mailing list to point attention to specific items and discussions in the CWG, asking for GAC members comments and questions in the ongoing process. The GAC secretariat has also established a CWG/CCWG whiteboard on GAC website - for updates and exchange on both CWG and CCWG draft proposals. The GAC secretariat have been following the CWG process closely, using the whiteboard to give summary of CWG/CCWG discussions, updated timeline on CWG and CCWG draft proposals and processes, information about Webinars, summary of public comments from other Governments/GAC members and information about internal GAC procedures and range of possible options for taking a position as a Chartering Organisation of CWG. Information on the whiteboard is functioning as a coordination tool between CWG stewardship and CCWG Accountability.

  • GAC has held briefing sessions between GAC leaders team and CWG members for update on CWG process and timeline before the public comment period for the CWG draft proposal in April.
  • On the 22nd of April, the GAC Chair Thomas Schneider wrote a letter to all GAC members to remind members about the CWG and CCWG timeline and public comment period and to inform how the GAC can contribute to the CWG and CCWG process before, during and after Buenos Aires meeting.
  • GAC members and participants in the CWG, together with the GAC secretariat, gave a summary of the CWG draft proposal before GAC wide calls.
  • The GAC has held GAC-wide calls on the 5th and 6th of May to enable individual GAC members to discuss and develop their views on the CWG draft proposal and share their views across the GAC. Discussions on these wide-calls identified issues of special interest to the GAC in both the CWG and CCWG draft proposals.
  • Sufficient time has been allocated for GAC discussions on CWG final proposal and CCWG draft proposal during the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires.
  • GAC CWG members and participants and the GAC secretariat has provided analysis of how GAC input is reflected in the CWG proposal,  including how the sets of principles agreed by the GAC in desember 2014 have been reflected in the CWG


Outreach and Engagement by the RySG (GNSO) members and participants