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Why do you want to serve on the EC?

My motivation to run for a second term stems from the fact that I continue to be  interested in civil society engagement in not only ICANN,
but also in Internet governance Issues. The Internet is dynamic and continues to evolve, and with this dynamism, new issues continue to crop up. 
Most of these issues call for concerted efforts in their management or governance.
It is important for Civil Society (CS) to engage in these issues in order to shape them.
It is also important for Africa to have a strong voice in concerns usually raised by civil society, and NCUC offers a platform to raise such concerns in ICANN.
Toward this end, I will appreciate the opportunity to serve in NCUC as I have experience in civil society engagement
and will continue to bring in enthusiasm and energy into NCUC.

Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations,
and affiliations relevant to serving on the Executive Committee.
Describe the relevance of your personal and professional experience
to serve on the NCUC Executive Committee,
and identify any conflicts of interests you might have.

I am an Associate of the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) where I coordinate various Network debates and events that touch on policy
and regulation in Internet governance matters. I have been involved in organizing the Kenya IGF, East Africa IGF, Africa IGF
and the global IGF that took place in Kenya in 2011. I am an alumni of DIPLO and have taken the time to consolidate
my interests in internet governance academically and published on the same. Before joining NCUC, I was awarded the ICANN fellowship two times.  


Further, I have been engaged in the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation on the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD)
for under a year now, and was one of small group of civil society actors from around the world that met both the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
outgoing Secretary General (SG) and the incoming one during the just ended Plenipotentiary 2014.  

We expressed  several issues with one of them being that civil society was ready to support the work of the ITU considering that the
sector has diverse expertise on matters ICTs. We also called for the creation of a liaison within the ITU that could aid in communication with
and the involvement of civil society in the ITU's work. 


I was fortunate to attend the Africa IGF in Abuja, where I spoke about NCUC and its importance in ICANN.  Additionally in in the interest of increasing NCUC visibility, 
I did the same in Nairobi when ICANN was meeting the business community. In both, I tried to reach out to potential members and encouraged CS to ‘come home’ by joining NCUC.

The EC performs several functional responsibilities for the Constituency.  
What level of time commitment can you bring
to your EC role on a weekly and overall basis?  

I will dedicate my time as required by the NCUC and in times when not available, I will endeavor to inform the rest of the EC members in good time.
In other words, I am committing to be available.
Communication with the membership is critical.
How would you keep members apprised of your EC-related activities?
I belong to multiple lists that discuss internet governance issues. I will continue to utilize them to share critical information
as well as keep interested stakeholders apprised on the happenings of NCUC. I also interact with some NCUC members on social media
and this is also another way of keeping them appraised.
How do you foresee NCUC’s function, scale, or role changing in the future?
What areas of ICANN policy,
if any, need more attention and why? Be concise (200 words maximum).

NCUC as a structure provides a platform where civil society in ICANN can articulate the voices and perspectives of no commercial users (a reason that draws me to NCUC).
It offers representation to civil society or the non profits and humanizes the technical aspects in communicating users rights.
NCUC should continue to articulate users rights in all aspects, and raise this voice in ICANN.

I humbly request you NCUC members to endorce my candidature by giving me your vote,  and look forward to all of us reinforcing NCUC efforts in ICANN.