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Welcome to the home page of the Board/GNSO EWG Process Working Group (EP-WG).

As the ICANN Board considered how to use the EWG’s Final Report as a foundation for Board-requested GNSO Policy Development Processes (PDPs), this informal group of GNSO Councilors and ICANN Board members was assembled to suggest next steps on the EWG Report and how to best structure the PDP for success. The output of this group - a Process Framework for the PDP - was published in April 2015, adopted by the ICANN Board on 26 May, 2015, and used as input to a new Issue Report, distributed for public comment in July 2015 and finalized on 7 October, 2015. The EP-WG's workplan and associated documents are further detailed below.


October 2014


EP-WG formed, reviews objective, agrees upon approach

Nov-Dec 2014

Monthly Calls

EP-WG agrees upon overall process diagram and list of PDP inputs, develops initial draft of detailed process diagram for PDP WG

Jan 2015


EP-WG agrees upon detailed PDP WG process and charter guidance

Feb 2015


EP-WG presents its recommendations to the community and may refine them to reflect feedback

Mar-Apr 2015Call

EP-WG finalizes its Process Framework; relay to GNSO & Board

May-Jul 2015


Staff drafts Preliminary Issue Report, using EP-WG output

13 July-6 Sep 2015


Public Comment Period initiated on Preliminary Issue Report

7 Oct 2015


Staff publishes Final Issue Report based on public comments, including summary of comments

Oct 2015


GNSO Council reviews Final Issue Report

GNSO Council considers motion to adopt charter and form PDP WG

GNSO Council may request development of additional needed PDP WG inputs

(if any) as recommended by EP-WG

19 Nov 2015 

GNSO Council approved a charter and formation of this PDP WG.

For more information or to follow the progress of this GNSO PDP WG, visit the RDS Wiki.

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