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  Terri Agnew:Welcome to the NARALO monthly Teleconference on Monday, 08th September 2014 at 19:00 UTC

  Glenn McKnight:Please note that we will not have  a  ALS  spotlight  on today's call

  Terri Agnew:meeting page:

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Terri, did you hear me?

  Glenn McKnight:Hi all will call in soon

  Terri Agnew:@Tom, yes and confirmed verbally

  Terri Agnew:@Glenn, thank you for the update

  Allan Skuce:Greetings.

  Gordon Chillcott:Greetings, all.

  judith hellerstein:HI All

  judith hellerstein:Did we start early?

  Alan Greenberg:Garth, can you add a very brief item under AOB for me? We have a backlog of a few changes to the NARALO Operating Procedures and  I just want to mention that and ask if there are any other's that need to be looked at.

  Evan Leibovitch:It's no longer early

  judith hellerstein:What are we waiting for

  Evan Leibovitch:Not total silence all

  Eduardo Diaz:¡Hola a todos!

  Ogi Mitev:Hello all

  judith hellerstein:HI Ogi!

  Evan Leibovitch:Nobody was in a mood to chit-chat. Either exhausted, grumpy or wishing to be outdoors.

  judith hellerstein:today in dc it is cloudy and may rain

  judith hellerstein:yesterday was beautiful

  Terri Agnew:welcome Kerry Brown

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Murray Mckercher

  Murray McKercher Toronto:sorry I am late

  judith hellerstein:HI Murray!!

  Murray McKercher Toronto:Hello judith ! will follow up with 2.5 as this is a request with a technical component

  Terri Agnew:Heidi Ullrich has joined audio

  judith hellerstein:Great!! welcome Heidi

  Heidi Ullrich:Hi, All

  Heidi Ullrich:I can respond to the Mentoring issue noted for Heidi

  Eduardo Diaz:MAybe during the ICANN open ceremony

  Eduardo Diaz:Ken can be presented

  Heidi Ullrich:Thanks, Eduardo. I will mention that

  Tom Lowenhaupt:As have I

  Ogi Mitev:the ARIN meeting should be the week before the ICANN meeting

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Submitted for an ARIN fellowshio - Baltimore

  Ogi Mitev:who did?

  judith hellerstein:Ogi if you want to submit a cropp application for the coming year, please do so

  Tom Lowenhaupt:I did.

  Ogi Mitev:sure, I was just asking, great that Tom is going

  Heidi Ullrich:@Garth/Glenn, should I update you on the mentoring progam AI?

  Ogi Mitev:I will be there as well

  Ogi Mitev:Nanog meeting first

  judith hellerstein: here is the link to fill out the CROPP applications

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Clarification: I've submitted an application. Have not yet heard.

  Ogi Mitev::)

  judith hellerstein:Tom you are not listed as having submitted one for this year

  Ogi Mitev:see you there Tom

  judith hellerstein:perahps you used the wrong form

  Evan Leibovitch:There is NO agenda on the ICANN website. I checked this morning

  judith hellerstein:This is the form I had gotten from Silvia Vivanco

  Evan Leibovitch:Eduardo has his hand up

  Heidi Ullrich:LA Meeting page:

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Judith, I'm referring to ARIN in Baltimore workspace (At large on the screen) is being updated

  Ogi Mitev:Thank you Judith!

  judith hellerstein:so that is not cropp

  Tom Lowenhaupt:no

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Rather, correct, it is not cropp. is 11:30- 12:30 am Wednesday 15

  Ogi Mitev:local time? the screen

  Joly MacFie:It looks like David Solomonoff wit be representing ISOC-NY at ICANN 51. I will organize a remote hub, hopefully in conjunction with GovLab. Garth and Glenn please provide your agenda by September 19th so we can send it to translation

  Heidi Ullrich:Staff will also be setting up a wiki page for volunteers to sign up

  Joly MacFie:hand up

  Eduardo Diaz:count me in to volunteer at the outrecah table

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Ed

  Joly MacFie:hand down. I wanted to ask if we needed more pins.

  Glenn McKnight:@Joly  I will followup on the pins

  Tom Lowenhaupt:3rd level

  Evan Leibovitch:Actualy, is selling THIRD  level domains

  Evan is itself a second level domain


  Joly MacFie:I don't see what's so alternative about it.

  judith hellerstein:neither do i. good question Joly

  Glenn McKnight:#Joly  we  discussed the various  swag for the outreach today too

  Joly MacFie:but I guess it is relatively unregulated

  Heidi Ullrich:@Garth - Holly will be speaking about Privay/Proxy issues

  Evan Leibovitch:Other examples are etc

  Glenn McKnight:I think  Alan is choosen for the  academy

  Ogi Mitev:what is the leadership academy?

  Evan Leibovitch:Joly: for a new business, a is an alternative to domain.TLD

  Glenn McKnight:ICANN Academy

  Terri Agnew:Pre-ICANN LA Academy Leadership Training:

  Ogi Mitev:would love to sign up

  Ogi Mitev:for next time

  Joly MacFie:'yes Evan, but it's not an alternative DNS structure.

  Ogi Mitev:thanks

  judith hellerstein:Yes. I would also like to sign up as well

  Evan Leibovitch:It'

  Ogi Mitev:how do we sign up?

  Heidi Ullrich:You have to be selected and then endorsed by the ALAC

  Evan Leibovitch:'s"alternative" by using third level, so you buy not directly from the registry, but from an existing 2LD owner.

  Glenn McKnight:@Garth  I think we  missed the  discussion of  VICE  CHAIRPERSON  when Alan  was speaking.  Looked on the agenda  but it's not there

  Heidi Ullrich:there are only 5 slots for At-Large

  Garth Bruen:@Joly - alternate uses

  Joly MacFie:just nitpicking language

  Joly MacFie:to avoid further piss taking down the line

  Heidi Ullrich:2014 Leadership Training Program workspace, including the program -

  Ogi Mitev:thank you Heidi!

  Evan Leibovitch:Note: a 3LD is still subject to the regulations guiding the 2LD (in this case, *as well as* any regs laid down by the 2LD

  Heidi Ullrich:@Ogi, I'm looking for the NARALO logo! Will get it to ASAP.

  Ogi Mitev:thank you Heidi! Secretariat DRAFT Agenda :

  judith hellerstein:@all.  the link to the cropp applications is

  Allan Skuce:CRopp apps need to be approved by naralo executive and the RT's for our area prior to being forwarded to the VP.

  judith hellerstein:exactly, but the draft to submit the application is the link I sent out to all

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Allan

  judith hellerstein:there is a section on this application for the naralo exec and the RTs to sign off

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Judith.  As mentioned  we have two  other spots  open for CROPP

  judith hellerstein:We had a great meeting today at the Tech Task Force meeting today on captioning online virtual application form is being finalized the moment

  Garth Bruen:@Silvia, for all regions? Garth for all regions has been working on this with IT

  judith hellerstein:Silvia, I used the link you gave me to file my CROPP application and also shared it with Glenn we will release the application form soon Judith, that is a different application (CROPP)

  judith hellerstein:Thanks @silvia Alan you are correct re inter- meeting activities, there is a lot of coordination and work with ICANN staff previous to the meeting

  Glenn McKnight:Working group involvement etc

  judith hellerstein:@Garth and others for Committee meetings the Tech Task Froce Meeting should also be lsited.  WE had a great joint meeting today with the Accessibility group testing closed captioning

  Eduardo Diaz:I am currently writting the comment that will be sent by ALAC  for that report

  judith hellerstein:We also had some one form ICANN IT staff on the call as well as other staff

  Alan Greenberg:There is a public comment open (the one Eduardo referenced) on the NomCom change proposal -

  Louis Houle:The BWG NomCom report: Large IANA WG wiki:

  Heidi Ullrich:2014 NomCom Selectee bios:

  Glenn McKnight:Who is the chair  elect ?

  Glenn McKnight:for Nomcom

  Heidi Ullrich:I'll remain on the call, but will step away from the AC room now.

  judith hellerstein:@alan skuce do I need to send you a copy of my application

  Joly MacFie:$150/hr includes fiexed tracript.

  Joly MacFie:fixed transcript

  judith hellerstein:it is actually 148

  judith hellerstein:it was 18 for the fixed cleaned up transcript not 20

  judith hellerstein:I have the pricing info which I had gotten in emails prior to our demo

  Joly MacFie:their pod is abig improve ment over the AC9. Mainly because they are unrestricted by some regulartion that specs a 32 character line.

  judith hellerstein:Also the ability to change the colors, fonts and size

  judith hellerstein:@Joly if you want to play with their pod I can send it to you

  Terri Agnew:Eduardo is no longer on telephone

  Joly MacFie:I don't really have the facility to host AC.

  Joly MacFie:What we didn't ask is they can do the same thing for webex.

  Tom Lowenhaupt:I'm also  member.

  judith hellerstein:I was the main person setting this up as I had gotten the contact with caption stream

  judith hellerstein:We did in the demo

  judith hellerstein:this call was only icann so we did not cover webex, but we did so durng the demo call

  judith hellerstein:I can fill you in on this HUBS FOR ICANN 51ST IN LA- APPLICATION OPEN UNTIL SEPT 12-! are technical requirements specified in the link just posted you all!

  Tom Lowenhaupt:bye

  Allan Skuce:Thanks all. Bye

  Gordon Chillcott:Bye.