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Project Status

On 1 February 2017, both CL&D and Transition Policies were published and the GDD team is working with the IRT to implement the policy till effective dates.

For the Transition Policy please see the news update on the for the contractual compliance enforcement dates


As resolved by the GNSO Council at its meeting on 31 October ‘the GNSO Council shall convene a Thick Whois Implementation Review Team to assist ICANN Staff in developing the implementation details for the new policy should it be approved by the ICANN Board. The Implementation Review Team will be tasked with evaluating the proposed implementation of the policy recommendations as approved by the Board and is expected to work with ICANN Staff to ensure that the resultant implementation fulfills the intentions of the approved policy recommendations’. The ICANN Board approved the recommendations at its meeting on 7 February 2014 (seehttp://www


Tasks of the Implementation Review Team


If you are interested to participate, please send an email to the GNSO Secretariat (


Implementation Review Team: (Out of date as of 3 Dec, to be updated with current membership)


16 September 2016)

  • Alan Greenberg (ALAC)
  • April Forsyth (Registrar)
  • Alexander Schwertner
  • Brent Lee,
  • Carlton Samuels (LACRALO)
  • Chris Pelling, NetEarth One, inc.
  • Christopher E George (Commercial – IPC)
  • Chris Klein
  • Yuliya Morenets
  • Dan Rodgers, Domains Manager, Paragon
  • David Cake
  • Don Blumenthal (Registry)
  • Ding Yang, Technical Director, BizCN
  • Frédéric Guillemaut (Registrar)
  • Theo Geurts (Registrar)
  • Jody Kolker, Senior Registration Architect, Go Daddy
  • Joyce Lin,
  • John McFadden, Director Domain Products, Mark Monitor
  • Jonathan Robinson
  • Joe Waldron (Registry)
  • Marc Anderson (Registry)
  • Steve Metalitz (IPC)
  • Pat Kane (Registry)
  • Pat Moroney
  • Ray Fassett (Registry .jobs)
  • Roy Balleste (NCUC)
  • Roger Carney, Sr Director Software Engineering, Go Daddy
  • Rick Wesson, CEO, Support Intelligence, Inc
  • Rob Golding, Astutium Ltd
  • Tobias Sattler (Registrar)
  • Sara Bockey, Intellectual Property Enforcement Manager, Go Daddy
  • Susan Prosser (Registrar)
  • Susan Kawaguchi (BC)
  • Volker Greimann, Registrar

 GNSO Council Liaison: Susan Kawaguchi (BC)

Volunteer Experts from affected parties (registrars) to workout implementation details of transition from thin to thick WHOIS (as of 3 Dec) :


Staff Project Team Members: 

  • Krista Papac (Registry Services)
  • Jennifer Gore (Registrar Services)
  • Howard Li (Registrar Services)
  • Francisco Arias (Technical Services)
  • Gustavo Lozano (Technical Services)
  • Erika Randall (Legal)
  • Marika Konings (Policy)
  • Berry Cobb (Policy)
  • Steve Chan (Policy)
  • Jonathan Denison (Contract Compliance)
  • Antonietta Mangiacotti (Policy Research)
  • Dennis Chang (Registry Services) - Project Lead