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  1. What are the current deficiencies in the ICANN multistakeholder model?
    1. Is the ICANN model suitable for other organizations?
  2. Discussions about multistakeholderism often refer to the concept of an "equal footing".  Recognizing that different roles are played by different stakeholders in different issues, what do we mean by "equal footing", and how can we ensure that an appropriate balance of interests is achieved when addressing each issue?
    1. What is essential to ensuring the full participation of all interested parties?
  3. Is it a problem that the stakeholder groups are typically divided in the configuration of Government, Civil Society, Private Sector?  
    1. How can these different groups self-organize and being inclusive?
    2. Should there be more flexibility to allow for other interests, such as an always equal role for the technical community, and inclusion of the broader academic community as a unique stakeholder group?
  4. What can ICANN learn from NETmundial, its process and recommendations (reference Internet governance process principles)?


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