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The meeting of the GAC GNSO Consultation Group of Tuesday 4 March.

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Proposed Agenda:

1.       Day-to-day work track

(Working document prepared by Marika and Olof – Version circulated by Marika on Feb. 20th, 2014)

2.       PDP work track

(Working document prepared by Mikey and Suzanne – Version circulated by Mikey on Feb. 20th, 2014)

3.       Agree on material ready to be shared in preparation for Singapore

o   Active GNSO WGs (attached)

o   Mechanism for day-to-day co-operation (attached version – with unpopulated table)

4.       Agree on expectations from both work tracks for the following call

(Note: Next call scheduled for 11 March 2014, 14h00 UTC)

5.       AOB


Updates / Action items - 4/3 meeting:

 - Singapore plan of action

+ - Organize content we present




Questions we want feedback on

Example: Preliminary inventory of WGs, indicating possible areas of focus

Develop questions we might ask

Get ready for a rehearsal of the meeting on the 18th

+ - Prepare/distribute materials in advance of the meeting?

Caution: risk of overwhelming people

Note: we aren't working under standard structures, so we need to provide sufficient documentation

Charter - yes

Slide deck - maybe not

Have details available for people who are interested - links included in the announcement?

+ - Schedule of session

+- Length?

Total -- 1 hour

This topic - minimum of 30 minutes

Proportion to presentation?