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April - May 2014

Reminders - Preparation for ATLAS II

  1. Participation from ALSs in ATLAS II Working Groups is needed - List of WGs - At-Large Summit Working Group (ALL)
  2. ATLAS II Fayre of Opportunities - APRALO to prepare the list of local music (Pavan is leading), and APRALO table in London (Maureen and Siranush are leading)
  3. Participation of ALL ALSs in ATLAS II Pre Webinars - Participation is MANDATORY (ALL). Check and Follow all the e-mails coming to ATLAS II participants, related to Pre-webinars participation and make all efforts to be available. 
  4. ATLAS II List of Participants - ATLAS II Participants, check if the info is updated (ALL)
  5. APRALO Monthly meeting on April 24, 05:00-06:00 UTC - ALL 

February 2014


  1. APRALO Singapore Showcase Organising Committee meeting February 6, 600UTC
  2. APRALO Rules of Procedure meeting February 20 600UTC
  3. APRALO meeting February 25, 600UTC
  4. MOUs for APRALO and APNIC and APTLD - on the Policy Development Page
  5. ALAC meeting February 25 1500UTC