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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 5.3


Starting today, 13 March 2014, all Statement of Interest (SOI) templates created prior to v4 are being systematically upgraded to eliminate a previously used macro that has been recently identified as causing data loss whenever a prior Page History version is viewed (from the Tools menu). Fortunately, there has been only one documented case where someone actually lost original content, most probably, because the Page History function is seldom needed or exercised for the particular application. Given this potential vulnerability, Staff is in the process of updating over 100+ SOI pages initially created in 2011-2012. One of the necessary elements of this upgrade is the removal of all prior versions of the SOI containing the defective macro. As a result, for those affected, there will only be the current version remaining until subsequent edits are made. Thereafter, we do not anticipate any further problems associated with having employed the template capability.

Each page that is updated will receive a short email note explaining that an upgrade was performed and referring to this blog entry.

Ken Bour
ICANN Consultant