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November 2013


The main activities of the month of November were focused on the preparation of EURALO’s participation in the ICANN 48 meeting in Buenos Aires and the follow-up of this participation.


During ICANN 48, EURALO members actively participated, physically or remotely, in a number of discussions, namely:


- Montevideo Statement and Brazil Summit on Internet Governance


- Outreach activities and the ICANN Strategy for Europe


- Multistakeholder Innovation Strategic Panels


- ATLAS II planning discussions


- ICANN Academy Pilot project


- Board seat 15 selection process, etc.


EURALO leaders participated in ICANN 48 meeting organised between Mr Fadi Chehadé and At-large community.


The preparation of ATLAS II remained an important item of the month of November. ATLAS II will take place in July 2014 in London. The preparation process resulted in the analysis of the survey data launched among RALOs in October 2014. 

October 2013

In October the main focus was on a number of events in the field of Internet Governance.