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WHOIS Review Team Internationalized Registration Data Expert Working Group (WHOIS RT IRD WG)

Working Group Members

The Whois Review Team Internationalized Registratin Data Expert Working Group is chartered to determine the requirements for internationalized registration data, and produce a data model that matches the requirement. Its members are: 

  • Jim Galvin (Chair)
  • Sarmad Hussain
  • Nishit Jain 
  • Naoki Kambe
  • Jody Kolker
  • Takao Suzuki
  • Dennis Tan
  • Zheng Wang
  • Edmon Chung

The result of the WG product will go through a public comment process to ensure broad input is received. It will form the basis for further policy development and/or contractual framework for generic Top-level domains, as well as ideally becoming a best practice for country code top-level domains.

How This Working Group Will Work

ICANN Working Groups use transparent, open processes. The meetings of this WG will be recorded, and the recordings will be available to the public. The mailing list for the Working Group will be archived publicly. Working Group members are expected to submit Statements of Interest (SOI). The group will collaborate using a public workspace.


The formation of the working group is part of the process to implement the internationalized registration data recommendations of the ICANN WHOIS Policy Review Team Final Report [PDF, 1.44 MB] as adopted by the ICANN Board.

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