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GNSO Background Briefing Papers

Sunday 17 November  2013TopicLeaderPresenter
9:009:30Meeting with SSACJonathan RobinsonPatrik Fältström
9:3010:15New gTLD: UpdateJonathan RobinsonChristine Willett
Cyrus Namazi
10:1510:45GNSO Discussion with ICANN CEOJonathan RobinsonFadi Chehadé
10:4511:30Strategy Panels, 5-year Strategic PlanJonathan RobinsonTheresa Swinehart

IETF Whois Update


Jonathan Robinson

Olaf Kolkman
12:0013:00Expert Working Group (EWG) Briefing on New gTLD Directory Services: Replacing WHOIS - Draft Next Generation gTLD Directory Services Model
Discussion at Lunch Break
Jonathan RobinsonJ. F. Baril
Denise Michel
13:0014:30GNSO – ICANN BoardJonathan Robinson
Steve Crocker
14:3015:00GNSO Review; discussion with the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC)

What It's About: An update on the status/timetable of the upcoming GNSO Review effort and a discussion about appropriate Council and community next steps.

Background: The ICANN ByLaws (Article 4 Section 4) provide that “the Board shall cause a periodic review of the performance and operation of each Supporting Organization and each Supporting Organization Council…” The Bylaws mandate that periodic reviews “shall be conducted no less frequently than every five years, based on feasibility as determined by the Board.”

The Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) recently recommended to the Board that ICANN would benefit from delaying the initiation of the latest GNSO review in order to factor-in valuable inputs from the ICANN's Strategic Planning Process and the ongoing work of the second Accountability and Transparency Review Team convened under the Affirmation of Commitments (ATRT 2). A public comment forum was conducted and yielded eight responses.  Seven responders indicated that the GNSO review should not be postponed.

At its 28 September 2013 meeting, the Board directed the SIC to schedule the GNSO Review to commence in 2014, and that preparations for the review should commence as soon as feasible.

Who Should Attend: GNSO Councilors and GNSO community members.

Policy Staff Member: Robert Hoggarth

Jonathan RobinsonRay Plzak
Rob Hoggarth
15:0015:30Moving to the GAC room  
15:3016:30GNSO – Government Advisory Committee (GAC)Jonathan Robinson
Heather Dryden
16:3018:30Separate Stakeholder Group meetings (CLOSED)