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MeetingDate and TimeAssignee and RALOReport
DNS Women BreakfastMonday 15Sylvia Herlein - LACRALODNS Women again showed their strength,   convening more than 70 women from the various components of the industry, governments and civil society in the internet related in traditional breakfast on Mondays.
It was announced the launch for ( next week) July 21st, 2013 del site
but if you want more information can be found in
ALAC MeetingsSunday14Glenn McKnight-NARALO

A very interesting comment by Steve Crocker today on the hard work of ALAC , his comments were recorded and posted to the website


Pictures of the ICANN ALAC Meetings, GNSO, NCUC and more


 Wed to Fri 13Glenn McKnight-NARALO

Various NCUC short video clips at the 1st School of African Internet Governance

Just to get short  NCUC  clips  up to Youtube quickly  I have  posted two short clips  
One from Bill Drake and another by Wolfgang
 Sun. 14Glenn McKnight-NARALO

Presentation by Dev on LUCID MEETING as an effective tool for meetings

Video pending on Youtube

Dev Anand Teelucksingh


 Sun 14Glenn McKnight-NARALO

Livestreaming the ISOC event tonight

Pictures of event posted to Flickr

The event was two hours long and well attended by ISOC members around the World. The outgoing Chair had interesting comments

The video shot will be good for short clips for future video production




 Mon 15Glenn McKnight

DNS and Women

Pictures and Videos taken of event

 Mon 15Glenn McKnight

Online Learning Platform

Discussion of the ICANN Academy, discussion on proceeding on the platform

Speak to Siva or myself about the MOODLE which was created 1 -1/2 year ago


 Mon 15GlennNomcom meetings for rest of day and meeting the ATRT2 group reviewing the stock of questions for NOMCOM, session chaired by Brian of PRI

Meeting Strategy

Working Group

Mon 15

13:30 - 15:00

Sylvia Herlein &

Eduardo Díaz

We had a very successful brainstorming meeting. Many ideas were generated in relation to ways of structuring future ICANN meetings. X Plane consultors helped facilitate the meeting.



Mon 15

16:30 -


Eduardo DíazI was invited to participate in this event as one of the observers of the Meeting Strategy Working Group. Present at the conference were: Dr. Stephen Crocker, Fadi Chehadé, Dr. Nii Quaynor and Peter Dandjinou.