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Board designates the November 2013 ICANN Public Meeting to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Whereas, ICANN intends to hold its third Meeting for 2013 in the Latin America/Caribbean region as per its policy,

Whereas, no viable proposals to serve as host for the ICANN 2013 Latin America/Caribbean Meeting were received.

Whereas, ICANN staff performed a thorough search to identify available facilities in Latin America/Caribbean that meet the Meeting Selection Criteria.

Whereas, the Board Finance Committee reviewed and recommended the budget for theICANN 2013 Latin America/Caribbean Meeting as proposed.

Whereas the Board Public Participation Committee reviewed the staff proposal and supports the proposition for the location of the ICANN 2013 Latin America/Caribbean Meeting.

Resolved (2012.12.20.09), the Board accepts the proposal of the staff, and approves that the ICANN 2013 Latin America/Caribbean Meeting shall be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 17-21 November 2013, with a budget not to exceed US$2.37M, and that the Buenos Aires meeting be designated as ICANN's 2013 Annual General Meeting.

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As part of ICANN's public meeting schedule, three times a year ICANN hosts a meeting in a different geographic region (as defined in the ICANN Bylaws) of the world. Meeting Number 48, scheduled for 17-21 November 2013, is to occur in the Latin America/Caribbean geographic region. A call for recommendations for the location of the meeting in Latin America/Caribbean was posted on 25 April 2011. One proposal was received, but that location did not have all of the facilities needed to host an ICANNMeeting.

The Staff performed a thorough search to identify available facilities in Latin America/Caribbean that meet the Meeting Selection Criteria. Based on that analysis, the Staff has recommended that ICANN 48 be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Board reviewed Staff's recommendation for hosting the meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the determination that the proposal met the significant factors of the Meeting Selection Criteria used to guide site selection work. Outside of the call for recommendations, the process for selection of sites does not call for public consultation, as the staff assessment of the feasibility of any site is the primary consideration.

There will be a financial impact on ICANN in hosting the meeting and providing travel support as necessary, as well as on the community in incurring costs to travel to the meeting. But such impact would be faced regardless of the location of the meeting. There is no impact on the security or the stability of the DNS due to the hosting of the meeting.

The Board thanks those who recommended sites for ICANN Meeting Number 48.

This is an Organizational Administrative Function not requiring public comment.

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