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24.05.2013Proposed Modification of GNSO Operating Procedures Concerning the Deadline for the Submission of Reports and MotionsNo StatementTBCTBCTBCTBCTBCTBCTBCTBCn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/aJulie Hedlund 
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2 May 2013
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23 May 2013 - 23:59 UTC
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24 May 2013
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14 June 2013 - 23:59 UTC
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Brief Overview
Originating Organization: 
Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO)
  • Policy Processes
  • Reviews/Improvements
Purpose (Brief): 

The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council is proposing a modification of the GNSO Operating Procedures to make the deadline for the submission of reports and motions more precise and uniform.

Current Status: 

As required by the ICANN Bylaws, a public comment forum is hereby initiated on the proposed changes.

Next Steps: 

Following the closing of the public comment forum, the GNSO Council will review the comments received and revise its recommendations, if deemed appropriate.

Staff Contact: 
Julie Hedlund
Detailed Information
Section I: Description, Explanation, and Purpose: 

The GNSO Council has determined that the language concerning the deadline for the submission of reports and motions in the currentGNSO Operating Procedures lacks clarity. The GNSO Council thus proposes a modification of the GNSO Operating Procedures to make the deadline for the submission of reports and motions more precise and uniform. The proposed modification to the existing language in section 3.3 of the Procedures is as follows, with additions in bold and deletions stricken:

Reports and motions should be submitted to the GNSO Council for inclusion on the agenda as soon as possible, but no later than 8 business 23h59 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on the day, 10 calendar days before the GNSOCouncil meeting.

As required by the ICANN Bylaws, the GNSO Council is requesting community input on this proposed modification to the GNSOOperating Procedures.

Section II: Background: 

The GNSO, its description, purpose(s), structures (e.g. Council, Stakeholder Groups), and governance mandate are covered inICANN Bylaws, Article X, Sections 1-6. The Operating Procedures of the GNSO describes those supplementary elements of administration, governance, and other logistics/mechanics that are not already prescribed in the aforementioned ICANN Bylaws. Taken together, the ICANN Bylaws and the GNSO Operating Procedures are intended to provide a complete set of rules, procedures, and practices for governing the operations of the GNSO. The ICANN Bylaws require that any changes to the GNSO Operating Procedures are subject to a minimum 21 day public comment period ('The GNSO Operating Procedures shall be effective upon the expiration of a twenty-one (21) day public comment period, and shall be subject to Board oversight and review' - see article X, section 3, item 4,

Section III: Document and Resource Links: 

Current version of the GNSO Operating Procedures – see [PDF, 488 KB]

Section IV: Additional Information: 

Not applicable

(*) Comments submitted after the posted Close Date/Time are not guaranteed to be considered in any final summary, analysis, reporting, or decision-making that takes place once this period lapses.