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November 2012


As stated in the last report, EURALO was well represented at the 7th IGF in Baku with various activities. Wolf drafted a planning (master plan) for our 2013 GA in line with the next EuroDIG early June in Lisbon what will be supported and funded by ICANN again. The planning for Lisbon will be discussed during our next monthly calls to be adopted by the end of year. As the next GA will be the first F2F members meeting after Mexico-City in March 2009, it will be a major challenge for EURALO to invite and mobilize as many of its members as possible for Lisbon and to improve regular participation of its ALSes. By the end of month, we received another ALS application from dotHIV, a non-profit network based in Berlin, Germany.

October 2012



EURALO’s October activities were marked by our attendance at ICANN 45 in Toronto (Olivier, Jean-Jacques, Sandra, Oksana, Wolf, Bill, Wolfgang, Yrjö, Desiree and Rudi) and intensive discussions of the Toronto agenda items; Siranush and Veronica couldn’t join due to visa problems. EURALO noted with pleasure that Yrjö Länsipuro (ISOC Finland) was selected for the new NomCom Chair (2012-13). Furthermore, some members were closely involved in preparations for this year’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF) at the beginning of November in Baku, Azerbaijan, where other RALOs and ALAC showed a remarkable presence. Oksana, Sandra, Yuliya organized and conducted Workshops there. Sandra and Wolf represented EuroDIG with a boot and WS in Baku. EURALO started its preliminary planning for 2013 and its next General Assembly (GA) in summer in Lisbon.